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For Sale:
FS: Audio-gd C2 amp and NFB-3 DAC combo

Will Ship To: Anywhere



Selling my trusty desktop set - audio-gd C2 amp (first generation, not the C2.1 or 2.2 etc) and an NFB-3 DAC. I am the second owner of the C2 and first owner of the NFB-3. I obtained them 2 years ago. Both units are a 9/10 physical condition, a little dusty but no visible scratches. 


These units are built like tanks, extremely solid construction. They haven't given me any problems since day 1 of owning them, and I use them near daily. DAC takes optical/coax/usb input, has ACSS/RCA outputs (you can hook up speakers to the RCA and switch easily between headphones/speakers). Amp takes 2 or 3 sets of RCA inputs in addition to the ACSS input, so very flexible in terms of connections. 


Check out the links to the audio-gd website for more details: <-- fairly certain this is the version I have. <-- same as NFB-3 but with different PSU/transformer, scroll down to 'FAQ'



I have the ACSS cables and what I think are the moon discrete opamps (, which I can include. 



I'd like to keep them as a set unless I can find buyers for both. PM me with any questions. Local pickup in the SF Bay Area is preferred as these are fairly heavy units. Thanks for looking!

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