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Swans M10 2.1?

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I own tower technics sl-eh780, before I used it with PC and Audigy 1, now 
I have Titanium HD.
With Titanium HD I don't like music on this tower. Still I like music from towers CD player, but from PC it doesn't fit me.
I'm thinking that technics - mostly because of bass and power is good for movies and games, but not too good
with better sound card Titanium HD for music.
Still awaits me changing of opamps because now I'm using stocks, I wanted 
to order AD797ANZ and LME49720NA/NOPB.
Beside I got old PC speakers Samsung SMS 5100 Magic Speaker which are more musical, they got pleasant soft bass in distinction to technics.
But what I like the most are vocals which are upfront and are good audible.
But still they lack something and got some distortions.
My question is how they look in compare to praised everywhere Swans M10 2.1? 
I would like them exactly for music.
Second question, what should I do that Technics play with Titanium HD like from towers internal CD player. Audigy was there much more similiar.

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In another thread someone mentioned reliability issues with Swan and even The Audio Insider mentioned this in an email to me as to why they didn't have certain models in stock and that they've been having distribution problems lately with Swan.  Now I don't know if this applies to the set, you're looking at, but just letting you know.

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