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For Sale: Audio-GD NFB-12

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For Sale:
Audio-GD NFB-12

Will Ship To: US 48

Selling my precious Audio-GD NFB-12. This version has the 24/96 USB interface using Tenor TE7022. It does not have any user adjustable filters or up-sampling that I am aware of. The only jumper inside is to set it at fixed level output. I have it currently set so the toggle switch on the front will allow you to choose HP / Variable / Fixed. The HP / Variable options give you volume control from the headphone output as well as the DAC output, allowing it to operate as a pre-amp. The Fixed selection sets the DAC output to a fixed line-level so it can feed a pre-amp directly. This has dual Wolfson WM8741. 


This thing has been with me since March of 2011 and has served me flawlessly. I've used it as a DAC/Amp at my office for the last 18 months. I am now looking to try something new. In my possession it has driven Sennheiser HD598, HD650, HD800, HifiMan HE500, Denon AH-D5000, Grado 325i, Beyerdynamics T70, DT880 600 ohm, and my current favorite, Fostex T50RP. It has done quite well with all of these. I've also run is as a 2 channel pre-amp before getting my Oppo. 



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Do you have any pics and do you think it has enough power to push Orthos properly?







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