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We only need one headphone... but we NEED it as much as breathing air.


Personally I think it's "impolite" to listen to music outside. I mean, if someone wants to say hello to you, you will have to take the time to remove your IEMs just to hear him, and it will make him feel uncomfortable about the "disturbance" he caused. If the person notices you're wearing headphone he will be less likely to interact with you, and vice-versa, when I look at people listening to their music in the bus I feel them more closed-off.


Of course when I'm reading a book in a library or focused on a task, my life-code permits me to listen to headphones in such scenarios.


In an ideal world noise wouldn't exist, so we could all use open-back headphones whenever and wherever we want to... in a non-ideal world my second headphone is a noise-isolating headphone.


So I have one high-dollar, essential-to-my-happiness open-back headphone, and one random 5$ IEM for some infrequent odd scenarios when I'm on a secret mission and I need to hear orders in noisy environments. I don't even like to use IEMs (though I do prefer them to closed headphones), every time I'm forced to do so I'm wishing the world was noise-free and peaceful and less stressed.



Oh and I almost always have 2 pairs of safety earplugs with me or in my schoolbag.

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headphone + iem closed + open = im satisfied

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I can't imagine life without more than 10 IEMs eek.gif


In all seriousness, I'd probably do fine with one pair of headphones for home usage/reference, but more importantly one CIEM as the overwhelming majority of my listening is with a DAP and something portable - even when I do have access to a full-sized rig. It's just far more appealing to me on the personal audio front - it really embodies the "personal" aspect.


Music as a social device, to me, is best left to be enjoyed with live performances, with friends. But tuning into your own little world is another experience altogether, and portable stuff really gets intimate enough to make things truly breathtaking.


Gradually making plans to narrow things down but it won't be a while until everything just "clicks".


And of course, a back-up pair of beater IEMs for "jogging".

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If I did not have such an obsession with collecting droves of headphones I could get by with 3 headphones.

- An IEM for portable listening

- Open back for home

- Closed back for home for being quiet at latenight (He-500 leaks like no other), and for bass in terms of listening to dance and hip hop


But, I'm enjoying trying and listening to all the different sound signatures. I don't let any of them not get listened to, there are 4 music fanatics in this house.

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Originally Posted by devouringone3 View Post

Personally I think it's "impolite" to listen to music outside. I mean, if someone wants to say hello to you, you will have to take the time to remove your IEMs just to hear him


In London (the most impersonal city in the world) nobody ever wants to say hello to you :)

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One of the very good things about London. People leave each other be. IME if you need help though you will often get it.
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Originally Posted by kookoo View Post

I love the way you face reality dt880smile.png

It's okay if I do it with headphones. If I apply it to politics or anything truly important, we're all in trouble.

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x+1 where x is the number of headphones you have.  always a different sound signature to explore 

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Originally Posted by barid View Post

For me, I could slim down to 3 I think.


1. Open back full-size for home

2. Closed Back full-size for home

3. IEM for Office/commute/travel.


Of course....it becomes a lot more when you start wanting different flavors of those 3 types.


Open back for some genres / games / films etc.


Closed back for genres such as electronic for better bass etc.


IEM for outside of the house.

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Originally Posted by kookoo View Post

2 Headphones for home

(1 darker sounding, 1 Brighter sounding)

For me it would be the LCD-2 or LCD-3 and Sennheiser HD800 respectively.

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I've been doing it for years with just two (SR-225 and DT-770), but never being truly satisfied.


I think, gun to my head, I could do it with just the Beyers, but I really enjoy the Grados. The closed Beyers are just more universal to me, and easy to take around compared to the Grados. Plus the whole closed thing living with other people.


I'd probably "need" four, at a minimum. Three for home (open/closed/different sound signatures) and a good IEM for outside the house.

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I try to stick with two at any one time (not including in-ears).  I've got DT 880-600s for classical and some acoustic stuff, and DT 770-80s for pretty much everything else.  I wouldn't mind having something closed with slightly tighter bass while still retaining most of the 770's qualities, though.

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