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How many do you need?

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As well as listening to music with headphones another pastime I have is cycling. I will mention that I never do these at the same time. A cycling friend of mine told me that he thought you need at least 7 bicycles. You need one for commuting, one for touring, one folding one for holidays etc.


It got me thinking as to how many pairs of headphones (or IEMs) you need? Here the word "need" is used in a loose sense after all you don't really need any headphones.
Here is the ideal list of headphones for me.
  1. Open circum-aural for use in the house.
  2. Closed back circum-aural for use when working in shared office situations.
  3. Closed back supra-aural foldable for using public transport.
  4. Noise cancelling for use on aeroplanes.
  5. Open back supra-aural for gardening.
That is five. The only ones I don't have are the noise cancelling ones.
And I wonder what your needs might be?

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2 Headphones for home

(1 darker sounding, 1 Brighter sounding)


1 IEM for maximum portability

1 supra aural for when IEM is too cumbersome to keep removing all the time

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For me, I could slim down to 3 I think.


1. Open back full-size for home

2. Closed Back full-size for home

3. IEM for Office/commute/travel.


Of course....it becomes a lot more when you start wanting different flavors of those 3 types.

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I refuse to face this question; it'll only make me sell and I don't want to do that.

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Just 1 really good overall headphone for home.

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I think i can live with just two, a HD650 for home and RE0/DBA02 for everything else, a closed back full size is just too big to carry around and the sounstage is inferior to open backs at home.

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1 is enough, I am just lazy to sell others...

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I could live with 3


1 - open back circumaural for music at home

2 - super comfy open back circumaural for movies and PC gamig

3 - closed back circumaural for outdoors, public transport, plane travel.

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I'm happy using any and all for portables. Including open-backs. I hate things being in my ears, so no IEMs. I could live with three.

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I'd like to have at least 2. I do have 2 at the moment, but I'm trying to upgrade to a new headphone for my portable headphone. 

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I have one open dynamic, hd650, and one closed planar, Maddog. That covers all my bases and needs for now. 


Oh, forgot...just ordered the Momentum. redface.gif Something for portable use right of my phone. 


So three for me. 

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One really good headphone for home listening (HD800).

One durable IEM/earbud for portable listening/music/podcasts (Klipsch S4)

One headphone for movies/previewing/general use (SR60).

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Originally Posted by poikkeus View Post

One durable IEM/earbud for portable listening/music/podcasts (Klipsch S4)

Wouldn't call the S4 durable, but they're a decent throwaround portable.

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I have 7 headphones right now (If I remember correctly :-) ),but I would be satisfied with the following 3:


1)Sennheiser HD600,a good quality,comfortable,natural sounding open circumaural headphone,for serious home use with a headphone amp.


2)Shure SRH840,a nice closed back circumaural headphone which is easy to drive from portables and gives good isolation,so I find myself using it quite often with my portable player,when I need some more freedom and block of noise in my house,or at another house/place etc.


3)Koss portapro,which is quite good for general use (both home and portable).

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Originally Posted by ssrock64 View Post

I refuse to face this question; it'll only make me sell and I don't want to do that.

I love the way you face reality dt880smile.png

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