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With over 35 versions of The Dark Side of The Moon out there, including CDs and Vinyls, and all those fantastic remasters: 

I want to find out which one you like best and why.


It is interesting to know that the same album, distributed by a different record label can sound different.  The album can sound claustrophobic, out of breath and thin.  Or it comes with an expansive sound stage waiting to swallow you whole.


The cash registers come to life, and alarm clocks in Time ring resonantly the heartbeat in the opening and closing tracks are deep, thick and is a frequency you can actually feel throb at your head.


Here, I will provide three versions of this legendary albums in FLACs, (identically ripped to the CD):


The Dark Side Of The Moon - 30th Anniversary Edition (SACD)           (as seen here:


The Dark Side Of The Moon - The Black Triangle De-Emphasized Release Japanese (


The Dark Side Of The Moon - Original Master Recording, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs 24k Gold Ultradisk II  (


All I ask for return is your reviews and thoughts and opinions on these three and what gear you have.