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Panasonic Shockwave vs. non-SW

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Hi there!

I'm looking for a new portable CDP and I'm pretty much
sure it's gonna be a panasonic.

I really like the sound of the 570 (and 580 which
disqualifies itself for other reasons)

Many of you seem to have and recommend
Shockwave players, so I'm wondering:
How's the sound of the SW8xx players compared
to that silver baby (CT570)?


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Survey tends to say the 8xx's are a little dark, while some say the 570 is a little bright. I wouldn't take my word for it as I havn't used any other portable, but judging from the general definition of the term, I would also say the 860 is a little dark. Other then that, its been said there really isn't much difference.

If www.overstock.com still has it for half off, and think you'd like the extra protection (sh*t is armored like madd), then I would defintly reccomend the shock wave. You'd basically be paying just as much for the 570 anyway. First day I got mine I dropped the damn thing from like 4 feet by accident, landed on its corner and not even a dent. I've dropped it maybe 2 or 3 more times and over the past 4 or 5 months the only thing I got wear and tear wise are a couple scratches on one corner. I'm not sure of the 570's price, but if its similar to the 580's, and overstock doesn't have the 870 sale going on anymore, AND you don't care about the build, I'd go with the 570 as they're apprently slightly better sounding.

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The cd players should have identical electronics inside, so there shouldn't be any difference in sound quality.

The one thing that the 570 has is linear antishock, which should sound better than the antishock on the shockwave serries. with antishock off, they should sound the same.
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The 570 is $150. I searched at mysimon. The 580 is cheaper!
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You would think that Portable CD Players should be the same inside from the same brand but this is not the Case. each is as different as Night and day. the same also goses for similar Products in other consumer electronic Products.
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I got to listen to the 860 for a couple of minutes only.
It felt a little bit darker than the 570 but still very close.

The 580 is not an option. It does have good
sound, but...

It doesn't have a line out
It has a digital volume control that drives me mad
It is built like a toy

So, I guess I'll get the 570 then...
or the 470 since they're supposed to sound similar


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