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High end vs amazon basic USB...

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So does it make a difference with a high end USB cable then chaps? Given that the spec of the 4.99 Amazon cable shows it to be shielded etc...?

The AmazonBasics 2.0 A-Male to B-Male Cable with Lighted Ends features shielding that provides protection against noise due to electromagnetic and radio-frequency signals. this helps keep your signal clear with less loss of bandwidth and with higher performance. The cable also has gold-plated connectors that resist corrosion for signal purity.
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I don't know what high end USB cable you are alluding to but I have an AmazonBasics USB cable and they are beyond cheap. Gold plated with very thick rubber protection makes it high end IMO. If you need a USB cable for audio then definitely get something gold plated to reduce interference. If not then any cable will do just fine. I do recommend that Amazon cable it is beyond "basic".

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No specific high end make in particular as I have no experience of any really, just trying to work out whether any high end cable can make a difference as I just can't figure how it can do so. I see USB Cables aimed at the audiophile market ranging fom £30 to £200.
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There is no evidence for better sound quality with more expensive cables.


Some would say the AmazonBasics cables are already expensive...

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No, they don't make a difference as long as they both meet USB 2.0 standards. Which a lot of the high end audio-specific USB cables don't.


I don't think interference is really a thing with USB cables. 

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Might be another blind test subject for our next London Meet...smily_headphones1.gif
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