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iPod Touch 5 and Amp setup?

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Can i get the most out of my setup just by plug and play?


are there other cables that i need to get the most sound quality from the apple device?


EDIT: I need to get a lightning to 30 pin adapter.. and A

FiiO L3 iPod/iPhone Dock Connector..


yee i figured it out.

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Is anybody using this setup without those cables?? if so how does it work..i really dont wanna buy those cables if i dont have to...anyone?

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what are the advantages of the other ones of the fiio L cable line?
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aside from shape
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umm.. that ones shaped like an L and ones straight? lol , i really dont know..maybe its just cosmetic so they don't fall out... i have to get a 35 $ adapter from apple if i decide to get them..which i really dont feel like doing if i dont have to theres no point.

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