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Wise Decision or Poor Choice?

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Hey Head Fi!


I want to start out by saying, this is the best audio community I have found on the web, I am extremely grateful to all those who have contributed to this wonderful website.


Ok, all pleasantries aside. For years now I have been struggling with the idea that headphones should NOT cost over $100 every set within that price range that I have tried has sounded similar with almost no variation in sound quality sans 1 or two obscure models. That being said I am a music addict. I have a music website (which I wont advertise for obvious reasons), I also have an online music sharing group that provides me with new music daily, to top it off, I work at a radio station as a weekend host. It hit me like a hammer yesterday that I can hardly suggest music to anyone if I am not hearing it at its best, or even a semblance of its best and to date, the nicest headphones I have owned were Skullcandy Skullcrushers. While the aforementioned were excellent for mind blowing bass, they lacked in almost every other category imaginable, build quality= sucked, overall sound quality = sucked, bass= AAA+++ 


The point is, I shouldnt have to sacrifice every aspect of the sound I want, just so I can get some good bass. With that in mind I had never found any headphones that could match the bass power of the Inline Subwoofer that makes the Skullcrushers so popular among bassheads. Thus my dilemma, I love dubstep/electro/rap/metal/chillstep which all require at least Par level bass, by spending over my original 100$ range I can get really good headphones minus the earpumping bass delivered by inline subwoofers and so I have to choose between the two..... Or so I thought....


My Solution


Last night I did something I havnt ever condoned, I spent over 100$ on headphones >.< .. After reading multiple online reviews here and elsewhere I went ahead and ordered a pair of white VMODA M80's brand new off Ebay. I got an excellent deal, just $165 with 2nd Day Fedex included. The hard part is being retardedly stoked while also having to be patient and wait for the fedex guy to put down his cheeseburger and deliver my cans. While I wait, I decided to ask you fine educated folks how I did.


Did I make a good decision on the m80's? I have seen mixed reviews. Are these a better purchase than Beats Studio headphones sound quality wise? keep in mind, I dont want the Bee'z Knee'z Audiophile holy grail of headphones, I do want a good entry level headset that will be infinitely better than the crappy sony headsets I get to work with in the Radio Station. and I also want something with pleasant midrange that will help me forget about my recently broken pair of skullcrushers, which, I actually loved to death.


Would these be good for Radio Studio Monitoring? Did I pay too much for these?( I spent $165 total, including shipping) 


Just looking for some peace of mind as I am starting to question my purchase.


Thanks a bunch guys, you all rock!




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The final verdict will be from yourself:) all of us perceive sound differently, so you may love the v-moda's or not as the case maybe. I do hope you're happy with them...!
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Originally Posted by TuneTownTroll View Post

Did I make a good decision on the m80's? I have seen mixed reviews. Are these a better purchase than Beats Studio headphones sound quality wise?


Thanks a bunch guys, you all rock!








I've never heard the M80's, but they seem pretty well regarded here. I have heard the Beats Studios, though.....and they are incredibly overpriced for their sound. I have headphones that cost me under $50 that sound better than the Studios. Anyways, good luck with your M80's, and welcome to the forums!


Very best, 


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