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How to hook-up?

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Hi folks, I am having trouble thinking through how to best hook up my components and was wondering if I could get some help.


I have a Rogue Tempest Tube Power Amp (with no headphone amplifier) and a Marantz 2325 Receiver / Amp (with one) that I just acquired. I want to be able to listen to my turntable on headphones, and I also have some early '80s AR-98I speakers that are a little tough to drive with just the rogue, so I was wondering if I could hook up the two amps in series. I have a turntable with a separate phono stage, a CD player and a computer-DAC setup that I would also like to feed into the system.


So, my q: what would be the best way to set this up? Neither amp is a pre-amp, really. The Marantz has its own phono stage and inputs for aux and tape x 2, so I figure I can keep using the independent phono stage by plugging the TT to the phono stage to the aux input, and then put the CD in one of the tape inputs and the computer-DAC into the other. This would have the benefit of having everything available through the marantz's headphone jack. But I am not sure if running audio equipment to Marantz to Rogue will really take advantage of the extra power from the Marantz.


Alternatively, I can set them up in parallel, and just monkey up a way to quickly move the speaker wires between one amp and the other (as well as the various components). But that seems like a pain.


So, does either set-up (equipment to marantz to rogue OR equipment to rogue to marantz) make sense? And if so, what do you do on the second amp in the series - just run a line out from the "pre" amp to a single input on the power amp?

Thanks for your help!



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Hmm... why not just get a speaker selector? Then you can mix / match speakers to amp however you want.

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