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For Sale: Stuff in my Profile

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For Sale:
Stuff in my Profile

Will Ship To: Anywhere

So here's the thing: I sold an amp to someone in Canada and Canada Post lost it. So now I need to sell stuff to refund the buyer because I used the money from the sale on a gift. I'm selling the stuff in my profile, minus the Turbines, the K702, the Sextett, the T50RP, and the ESW9. I need $200, but I want reasonable offers. 


EDIT: Apparently this was hard to understand, since I've already gotten a few PMs expressing what I stated above. I am NOT selling the Turbines, K702, Sextett, T50RP, and ESW9. NOT. They are all either gifts (Turbines, Sextett and T50RP), broken (ESW9, KSC75), or to be loaned (K702).


EDIT 2: Sales will not be completed until the end of the week in case the package magically shows up.


Also, CONUS only, because, like, I don't trust international shipping anymore.


I have a few numbers:

$150 for the DT48 (I really don't want to sell them because they're from the original run, but I really need the money)

$50 for the VSH-5 (new leather band)

$50 for the HP3 when I recable it

$65 for the K181DJ


All this is minus shipping.

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