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Tube Alternative to the V200 for the Sennheiser HD 800

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I am looking for an alternative for the V200 that at least equals it without costing the double amount. I don't really need balanced and something like a WA22 is hell to import to Europe so something smaller would do. Of course I am looking into something capable enough to drive the HD 800 well and smooth. 


I thought about The Woo Audio WA6 SE but it doesn't even have XLR inputs. I could get a V200 but since I am familiar with it I thought about giving something else a chance before.

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doesn't even have XLR inputs? you just said you don't really need balanced


the WA2  is a good option if you decide to go woo. drives it very well and has a silky smooth presentation. 

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My DAC has a line output to my Denon Receiver so I'd prefer to use the XLR out. I could go digital to the Receiver though so it's no biggie after all.


Is it really better than the V200? Price is no indicator, the V200 is quite underrated. Maybe someone has good experience with both. The WA22 has to be quite a bit better to justify paying twice the V200 and I doubt it. No offense to Woo Audio. 

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mixed opinions about the WA22. some say its basically WA6-SE and only slightly better, some say its way better but needs tube upgrades, others feel its overpriced. 


the WA2/WA6-SE are great with hd 800, don't know if they're better or worse than V200 though, they're tube amps and both are different. one is SET Class A and other is OTL 

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So between WA-6SE and WA2 which one is really better? Stock vs. stock and both fully upgraded. 

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both are about the same stock. i'd say the WA2 would be better for the HD 800 stock though.


WA2 is silky smooth, clean highs, great soundstage/imaging, its warm and has a fuller bass/mids than the WA6-SE, but it still maintains its clarity and neutrality, its not super colored or super tubey, just right for people looking for an OTL tube sound.


stock will be very forgiving of poor recordings and smooth, but may be lacking resolution and control in the bass, might sound a little flat. with upgraded tubes, the WA2 becomes very dimensional, organic and natural sounding with amazing tonality, the bass becomes deep and full on the hd 800, the hd 800 becomes revealing and transparent yet smooth and analog. the WA2 beats the WA6-SE in tonality and naturalness.


WA6-SE is energetic, faster, tighter, more dynamic and SS like. the bass is tighter and punchier but not as full bodied, the mids are slightly more forward, the soundstage is wider and theres slightly more details, treble is more noticeable.


stock will be harsh and grainy unfortunately due to the poor rectifier. its dull yet has treble grain and edge, this can be upgraded though (same for WA2). the power tubes are ok.


upgraded, the WA6-SE will be slightly better for those who prefer accuracy tightness and details, the soundstage is wider and its more clean sounding. however, its slightly thinner and less natural, its more neutral. upgraded, its very good. very open, but not as forgiving as WA2. if you want clean crisp SS performance and a wide soundstage and lots of details, this is it.


WA6-SE its harder to find a good tube combo, the wrong tubes can make HD 800 bright or harsh in treble. the WA2 is easier to tube roll. both get to about the same level with the best tubes (the WA2 might be slightly better if you get the super expensive tube upgrades).

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Thank you for the very detailed summary. 

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thanks, please check out this review as well, as it specially compares both woos with the hd 800, its basically the same things i said but with more detail



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I have the V200 and WA2, both great, different sound. For the HD800 or any of my Senns, I always go OTL (WA2, Crack or 229) and don't touch the V200

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