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For Sale: V4 Magnum

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For Sale:
V4 Magnum

Will Ship To: CONUS

I'm moving soon and would like to clear up as much clutter as possible, so I'm putting these Magnum V4's up for sale. 


These started off as SR60's, but now only the headband is remaining. 


The drivers are V4 Magnums. Bought direct from Symphones in early 2012. These drivers probably have about 200 hours on them.


The Sapelle wood cups are made by Cabillas when he was offering these. 


The cable is Mogami sleeved in Techflex and is super light and flexible. It is terminated to a Neutrik 4-pin XLR, but I can re-terminate to a 1/4" Neutrik jack if you prefer that. If you want a mini headphone jack, then I can re-cable back to the stock SR60 Grado cable.


The headband is brown on top and ribbed black on the bottom. Outer material is lambskin, and inner material is foam for additional padding. I'll include the original vinyl Grado headband as well if that's your thing. 


The pads are Grado L-cush pads as found on the SR225 to RS1 Grados. I'll ship these with the Grado pizza box (inside of another box, of course).


Price includes FedEx shipping to anywhere in CONUS. Payment accepted as Paypal gift, or buyer foots the 3% fee. 

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Did you buy the headband? or did you manufacture it yourself?


Thanks & good luck.

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Headband was made myself from lambskin ordered from Italy. The top and bottom pieces are adhered with contact cement. 

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