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6.3mm jack extension cable

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Hi all, 

I am looking into buying another pair of headphones (maybe two) and I plan on using them with my current ones, a pair of Sennhieser HD555s. My main mode of listening is my computer with an Asus Xonar ST soundcard, but I would like to get an extension cable for the 6.3mm jack, since the port is in the back and having an extension cable run towards the front of my computer so I can swap between headphones easily.


Would using an extension cable notably lessen the quality of sound? If not, do you guys have any recommendation for 6.3mm extension cables? I'm a bit skeptical about this since a lot of the 3.5mm extensions I've used were of sub-par quality.


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Make your own from Mogami cable, a Neutrik jack, and a Switchcraft plug.

It definitely won't bottleneck sound quality, unless your HD555 is recabled with better wire.


There are guides with pictures around here for cable building if you search.

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If you don't like doing that work, buy a Grado extension cable. Standard length is about 480cm and to say i.m.o. a very good budgetcable. Don't expect it betters the sound, unless your headphone is recabled with better cable, it won't effect the signal.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention you've to combine this cable with the Grado adaptercable. That has only 15cm length, so you've a real (good) universal extensioncable, made of same materials. And for a very reasonable price!

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He means this adapter.

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Thanks Mad Max,


That's the one i meant... I do have to find out all options (like links, quates etc.) to clarify my postings :-). But time will learn me!

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