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which PMP with good audio and battery life in the $130-$300 range?

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Hi all,


Read so many threads, decided to go for a Cowon J3 (even though it felt a bit expensive), realized you can only get it second-hand now, and now I am bit confused about which PMP to get. My price range is something like €100/$130 -- €230/$300. I will use to play music, that's about it.

In terms of priorities I'd say:


1(most important). audio quality for a wide range of stuff (rock, jazz, classical); loseless support (FLAC mostly)

2. decent battery life. (using one of: Grado SR60; Sennheiser HD229, Superlux HD668B) 

3. good storage (32go+32go would be very good, 16go+32go is good already), not sure how I feel about bigger non-flash storage (like the X7 has)

4. ready and easy to use: I know I will not want to walk around with an extra amp (but maybe it is worth the extra bulk?); and if the native interface is intuitive enough, that's nice too.

5. an acceptable screen: so you can easily choose music while walking around and see the art.

6(optional). not overly bulky and heavy


Right now I mostly using an iPod Nano (4thG) or an iPhone 4, but I need the battery and storage of the iPhone for other stuff, and (my/that) Nano has a few drawbacks (iTunes, battery, sound quality, limited storage).


I am curious about trying a Cowon, but I am open to any suggestion (really).

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Hi sunless and welcome to the forum. Although many disagree, really good sound quality and long battery life contradict each other to some extent. As for maximums in sound quality/battery life/storage capacity that is asking for rather alot. Most players will have one or two of these attributes. Your headphones are low cost and upgrading these would probably have more of an effect than changing the source. Cowons have massive battery performance and many options for adusting the sound. Not my cup of tea but if you like an equalisation for every song then these players cover that area well. The screen on the X7 has often been criticised. The interfaces on these and many other non-Apple products can be awkward. I prefer older players to the ones on sale today although I am interested in this new Fiio X3 which is a rare budget hi-fi player. I like the old 5th gen iPod Classic/Samsung P3/YH999 and Nationite's wonderful S:Flo2 none of which are on sale today. Most people on here like the Colorfly C3/HiFiman HM601/Apple iPod Classic 7th gen/Sandisk Sansa Clip. What player you should get depends alot on the sacrifices you are prepared to make for sound quality eg. short battery life, poor interfaces, bulky, lack of availability/spares, reliability etc.
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Thanks Sefelt. Fiio X3 is looking like a great option. 

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I also am looking forward to the X3.


Of the available music players, my favorite is the Cowon J3. I've tried many sub $300 players and always go back to the Cowon.


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