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New HiFimeDIY Sabre Tiny DAC? (PCM2706+ES9023)

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There seems to be a recent new addition to the HifiMeDIY Sabre line.




I want love to get some feedback or comments on this budget DAC, so please post here if you have any experience with this!


Interested in the android compatibility, but the limit to 48Khz/16bit is bugging me a bit. (Actually, is 96khz/24bit a lot more noticeable? I listen to FLAC occasionally and MP3 all 320+)

Thanks gs1000.gif

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You wont hear any difference above 16/48. Its just phisics.

Higher res are for resampling, editing purposes.


The pcm usb chip will work well with android (its as a receiver there, not d/a converter).

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I bought the tiny usb dac on the hifimediy site last week because I was not completly satisfied with the sound quality of my samsung galaxy note II.


Before this, I tried to install perseus Kernel on my phone : it improves the quality, but not enough for my exigent ears. 


I live in France and I received my tiny dac 7 days later. I'm very satisfied of my purchase. It works perfectly with the galaxy note 2 and the sound is very detailled, clear and punchy, just as I enjoy.


I own 2 dacs, a Ibasso D0 (Dac/Amp) and a HRT Streamer II. I compared them with an Objective 2 headphone amplifier and  AKG 701 Headphones. The Hifimediy sounds much better than the IBasso : more detailled and more dynamic, with a flat frequency response. Obviously, The HRT sound is more refined, but It costs 7 times the hifimediy's price. And the tiny dac sound is not so far of the HRT....


Even If the headphone Amp improves the sound, you can plug the AKG 701 directly on the hifimediy, the level will be good enough and you can control the volume from your phone.


I would say this dac is an excellent choice for mobile purpose, which will get the better sound of an android phone for a very cheap price.

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There is also a new DAC from HIFIMeDIY using ES9023 with USB/I2S interface, i.e.




I am buying this model because I have I2S interface using XMOS xhipset and I am still awaiting its arrival. The ES9023 and XMOS chipset combo will have better performance than the PCM2706+ES9023 combo.

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Hi ttan98, how did it turn out in the end?

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