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Wow, the Takstar 2050 is pretty good.

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I was looking for a set of "cheaper" head phones for my father who auditioned my Lcd-2s the other day when he came to visit (he usually has no interest in audio but saw them hanging there and thought they looked interesting) when he said, "grab me something cheap and a small amp for music on my computer".


I bought him a Magni/Modi combo, and I was going to get him something more upscale and on the neutral side(HD600) so I searched on E-bay when the Takstar popped up on the suggestions as I was going to buy him some. Always thrifty (yeah right) I figured I would grab him a set. I ended up paying under 50 dollars with shipping for them.


They really are pretty great for the money, good bass, good mids, a bit harsh in the highs but not offensive. I would go as far as to call them a brighter DT880 to my ears.  I auditioned them out of a Headroom Desktop ultra, the O2, an Lyr and a Dark-voice 337SE. The best synergy to my ears was out of the Headroom amp, but the sound fine with all of the above mentioned. They are comfortable as well. I was hoping to put Beyer's velours on the for him but the cups are oval not round. 


I highly recommend these to anyone looking for good sound on a budget.

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Thanks for your short review. I listened Takstar HI 2050 a month aho for few days. I own also DT880 600 Ohm. Takstar doesn't reach the sound quality of DT880, but it is still very good for the price, beating 100€ headphones. I was impressed. Maybe a better cable, or some mod could yet improve the s.q.


Here you can find the whole thread about Takstars, maybe that would be better place for your review.

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