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For Sale: FS Sennheiser HD558

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For Sale:
FS Sennheiser HD558

Will Ship To: UK, Europe, USA

I'm selling my Sennheiser HD558 headphones. I've used as my main home drivers. Really lovely sound.. I had a custom cable created so I have a 1.2m cable with a 3.5mm jack. Custom Cables did this for me using the standard replacement cable. Somewhere I have the original 3 metre cable but I can't find it.

Whoever buys these, if and when I find the longer cable I will post it on. But there is no guarantee I will find it. It's one of those annoying mysteries. You know you have it but just can't find it.

£60 plus postage which a great price.

I am selling as find the headband too tight. The pressure causes me problems. And I know for some these aren't tight just mega comfy. So far only the Bose AE2i and Sony MDR-1R are comfy enough for me too wear. It ruins the enjoyment of so many good cans for me.
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You put 800...wink.gif
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For £800 these are a steal.

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Holy 800 batman

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Lol obviously only £80 smily_headphones1.gif
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Just lowered the price on these by £10. A super price now.
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It's a Bank Holiday in the UK today. £60 plus postage.
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Will the headphone come in the original box,also how much use have they had and what condition are they in?
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They are in good condition, hopefully the photos reveal that. I don't have the box anymore. But they will be packaged in bubble wrap inside a royal mail box for protection when posting.

I got them around December 2012 so I have used them a little bit each week. Problem is the clamping pressure so after an hour or so I couldnt wear them. I have this problem with nearly every headphone. I even owned the HD600's but could cope with the pressure on the sides of my head. And it was a shame since they sounded sweet.
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They were bought from a retail shop, HMV btw.
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Thanks,well I'm interested in these HPs,how do we proceed?as I've never bought anything from here before.
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Send me a private message. Let me know where you live to get postage costing. We agree a price with postage , you pay me via PayPal , I post them, you are happy when you receive them, you leave me glowing seller feedback and I do the same for you as the buyer.
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Well that sounds lovely, everyone's happy. You have pm.
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