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AKG k167 vs HD558 (other suggestions...)

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Hi everyone, this is my first post here so I'm sorry for still being such a noob when it comes to this stuff.

I'm looking to replace my current beloved hd448s because they suffered some travel damage. I really like the clarity of highs in the hd448s compared to other headphones I've heard (not many, skullcandy, sony and beats (beats being the worst sounding of all)). 

I listen mostly to rap (in particular gfunk) but also reggae and a bit of rock. 

I want them to be airy and detailed in the high frequencies with (if possible) seismic bass, but I don't want the bass to overpower the highs (like I thought beats did). I have noticed the bass to be quite boomy on the hd448s, so I want a bit more "grip" on it. Please note that it doesn't have to be seismic, infact they don't even have to have any more bass than hd448s but I want it a bit clearer, less boomy. It would be nice to have a wide frequency range (can be slightly hollow), imaging/soundstage is always nice and of course juicy/lush. 

Is it possible to find headphones to my specifics for under $200? (The less the better, more around $150)

So far I've looked at the AKG K167s and HD558s because of my great past experience with sennheiser. 

The only reason I haven't jumped on the HD558s is because of their open design which I'm not a fan of when out and about. 


Thanks in advanced

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Hands down the AKG Q460's are the greatest on ear headphones I have ever owned.  They should be able to be aquired for around $120. Great for portable use and comfortable. Bass is solid but not overpowering.

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