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Cavalli Audio LF has 4 watt (not sure of what impedance) and is not on your list. I know at least one member (sillysally) using the LF+HE6 combo (... or was using in the past at least). What is your opinion on that ?

With my LCD 2.2. I listen between 10:00 and 12:00 depending on the recording. I am thinking about an upgrade to LCD 3 or a complementary HP (HE6, T1, (HD800?)) which is better for classical music (more resolving, more neutral, better soundstage).

If the LF can not properly drive the HE6 (and I do not mean only loud) I have to forget this option. I heard the HE6+EF6 combo at the "Hi End Show" in Munich last week and was impressed.


Thanks in advance for any advice !

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23/06/13 bump to add in the Phasemation EPA-007 - a solid-state single-ended amp.

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UPDATE: added the Tisbury Audio Challenge AMP 1

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The Schiit Ragnarok not only drove my HE-6's to the high heavens, but also plumb the inner detailing throughout the frequency range. And the bass slamm... wow! I don't hear a single weakness in the Rag's delivery... it is fantastic! And, it is so, even with the HE-400i's and HE-560's. And, on low output, it drives my Etymotic HF5's with no noise... just good music.


Now, the surprising amp that I am using is the Little Dot Mk VI+ with upgraded tubes. It adds some of the tube "slobber" factor, as I call it... the warmth of the human voice... but it still has good dynamic range... but not quite as good in that department as the Rag... but close. I have never run out of juice with it, but I've come close. On my favorite album for testing headphone systems... Wycliffe Godon's New Orleans, recorded by Chesky, I have cranked the volume control all the way open to get the right amount of stage presence and nuances... but, there was absolutely no distortion. But, on all other FLAC and DSD files, I play them where I like them anywhere between 11 and 3 o'clock. I think the upgraded tubes contribute a lot to the LD.

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So as this Thread is brought to life again, I'm gonna ask a question here. It was mentioned that the Audio-GD NFB 10.32 should drive the HE 6 properly and as it can output 6W into 50R it should, in theory. But when I turn it up to max volume in high gain it can bring the HE6 to normal listening levels but not loud. I also have the EF6 which can drive my HE6 pefectly. Anyone know why is that?

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Originally Posted by bassophile View Post

A couple of definitions in this thread... By 'drive' the HE-6, I mean being able to drive them to a greater-than-loud listening level with no noticeable distortion and/or clipping. By 'dedicated headphone amp', I mean an amp that is designed to drive headphones, not a hifi receiver designed to drive speakers that you're using to drive the HE-6 with instead.


Since the HE-6 is likely to be the hardest-to-drive (non-electrostatic) headphone that will ever be created, the great thing about this list is that all the headphone amps on it will be powerful enough to drive any (non-electrostatic) headphone in the world. They may not offer optimum 'synergy' but they'll at least be powerful enough...


Here is all I've got so far;




Audio GD SA-31 - [Solid-State, Balanced & Single-Ended]

Bakoon HDA-5210mk3 - [Solid-State, Single-Ended Only]

Bryston BHA-1 - [Solid-State, Balanced Only]

Burson Soloist - [Solid-State, Single-Ended Only]

Decware Zen Taboo III - [Tube, Single-Ended Only]

Hifiman EF-5 - ['Hybrid', Single-Ended Only]

Hifiman EF-6 - [Solid-State, Balanced & Single-Ended]

NJC Audio Monitor II - [Solid-State, Single-Ended Only]

Phasemation EPA-007 - [Solid-State, Single-Ended Only]

Ray Samuels Audio DarkStar - [Solid-State, Balanced & Single-Ended]

Schiit Lyr - ['Hybrid', Single-Ended Only]

Schiit Mjolinir - [Solid-State, Balanced Only]

Tisbury Audio Challenge AMP 1 - [Solid-State, Single-Ended Only]

Violectric V200 - [Solid-State, Single-Ended Only]




Audio Line Out RXMk.3-B - [Solid-State, Balanced Only]

Fiio E12 'Mont Blanc' - [Solid-State, Single-Ended Only]

IBasso PB-2 - [Solid-State, Balanced Only]

Portaphile 627 - [Solid-State, Single-Ended Only]

Ray Samuels Audio SR71B - [Solid-State, Balanced Only]



I'm looking forwards to add to these lists with your help!!


Thanks in advance...





It's been a while since I made this thread.


Have there been any amps released not in this list that can drive the Hifiman HE-6? (Since that is still the benchmark of power - if an amp can drive that, it can drive any headphone).

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I don't personally own the HE-6 but am considering buying one to compliment my Sennheiser HD 800 because I keep reading about HE-6's great bass response.  Here is a recommendation for the Violectric V-281 (which I do own and am very happy with) as an excellent HP amp for the HE-6 taming its highs and bringing out its mids.




Sounds like a synergistic match to me.

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