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What if you could only have one headphone....or two. What would you choose? - Page 2

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I've never owned any pricey headphones. So my budget considerations are in the 25 to just over 200 price range. From the fourteen headphones i have the one i would keep is-


Sennheiser HD 280 Pro- It has some of the best isolation i have seen comparable to ear plugs. In my some times noisey environment thats a real blessing to continue enjoying my music, games, movies without having to switch over to my bookshelf speakers. The sound has plenty of everything without overpowering each other. So i get my bass for single player games while having a balanced level of treble for the details especially for music.


For my second headphone it would be the-


Audio Technica ATH AD700- I game alot every day and listen to alot of music. I find the AD700 gives me a ton of detail other headphones dont for single player games like FALLOUT 3 and DIABLO 3. I can hear every sound in the game and with a completeness that fades out to the very last note and tone. They have a very speaker like quality due to being so open and i still find they have tons of slamming bass after i adjust the tone controls on my Onkyo TX-8555 stereo reciever. For my favorite genres of music like 1980s new wave (Gary Numan/John Foxx), ambient (Brian Eno/ Aphex Twin), Industrial ( Cobalt 60/Evils Toy etc), Classical ( everything ) , the AD700 completely satisfies with its level of precision detail without ever suffering from distortion.

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Only one: TH-900

Two: LCD-3/HD-800


I don't need a portable headphone/earphone since I work a lot at home, and at school I read a lot, so it is a bit difficult reading and listening to music at the same time. rolleyes.gif


Also, this is a great question and a wonderful thread. Thanks Tyll!

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Out of the ones that I own:


Only one: Beyer DT 880 PRO

Two: 880s and Klipsh Image S4 for portability

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Out of what I own:

Only one headphone would be my Denon D2000. Amazing headphones for music. And while they're not my go to headphones for movies (deep sub-bass but not the kind of bass want when watching certain movies).

Two headphones: Denon D2000, Ultrasone Hfi-780 (great for movies and games although they sound a bit metallic and unnatural.
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My two can rig would be:

-Mad Dog T50RP.  All-round, general purpose isolation.

-AKG K1000.  I have always been a fan of this headphone.

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If only one, M-Audio Q40

If two, JVC S500 for portable and HE-400 for home

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My two:


JH13 FP: I can just tell by the reviews I would enjoy these.


Grado HF-2: I have wanted these ever since I started Head-fi.

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If I had one pair:

M-Audio Q40's (Shure pads)


If I had two:

M-Audio Q40's

Alessandro MS1000's (MS1i Mod)


(Tyll, I would really like to see a review on these Q40's *hint* *hint* *nudge* *nudge*)

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Assuming I can't have an amp on this desert island, my pick is the Denon D7100. It has a fun/exciting sound that allows me to enjoy MUSIC straight off my iPhone 5. If I can have an amp (Lehmann Audio BCL) and two pairs of headphones, it would be the Sony MDR-XB1000 and AKG K702-65 anniversary. We should specify that you can't pick a headphone you haven't owned. :)
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Originally Posted by HiFiGuy528 View Post

We should specify that you can't pick a headphone you haven't owned. :)


Or otherwise have experience with... else I gotta retract my selections.  wink.gif

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Before March 2013 I used the JH13 Pro (original) for 3.5 years as my sole headphone. On average, I listened to them about 4 hours per day. Thats 5,110 hours or 213 days of using pretty much one headphone.


Yes, I've listened to the giants like the HD 800, T1 and LCD-2 (and SR-007 Mk2). None of them interested me enough to bother. I purchased the JH16 Pro about 5 months after the 13s, and sold them since I preferred the latter.


I recently picked up a W3000ANV and that will probably become my secondary headphone. I will sell the rest.




One to rule them all: JH13 Pro


Superhero + sidekick: JH13 Pro + W3000ANV

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I'll play! ;-)


If I could only have ONE headphone, it would definitely be... MrSpeakers Mad Dogs

I've had the Mad Dogs since last years V1 rolled out and have been a fan of the laid-back sound, present bass, excellent mids and non-fatiguing highs.

To top that, they isolate really well, are EXTREMELY comfortable with the Alpha Pads (although they were already comfortable with the Shure Pads and Dog Pads) and I enjoy the sound even though it might be a bit "slow" for some genres.


If I could have TWO headphones, they would be:


Sennheiser HD600s: Excellent sound reproduction all around, very good soundstage, non-fatiguing and comfortable. Actually, the Mad Dogs remind me a bit of these Senns, but the MDs have a bit less sound/instrument separation and more "intrusive" mids (i.e. depending on the recording, the MDs might overwhelm the listener with their mids).


Ultrasone Signature DJ: I'm also a fan of the more "laidback" Sig Pros, but since the HDs would take care of that, I'd have this for more energetic tracks and for isolation. Not as comfortable as either the Mad Dogs or HD600s but their sound reproduction is excellent, the bass slams with force when it needs to and IT DOES NOT have ear-piercing highs (a must!).



If budget did not matter, I would probably have a combo of: Fostex TH-900s and a Stax Rig (again, a combo of one "technical" and one more "fun" headphone).


No IEMs/CIEMs for me! ;-)




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Yamaha PRO 500 = my desert island headphone. It's my most natural-sounding headphone.
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Only one headphone: Vsonic GR07 (near perfection)


Two: Beyer DT880 or Senn HD600 (also almost perfect), and Vsonic GR07

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Hi Eke,

I just finished reducing my gear..


Am left with :


Vsonic GR 07 bass edition

Dt880's balanced.

HD800..balanced & se'd


No need,or desire for anything else,except a new dac,maybe the OctaveMKII.??

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