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Old 3 way speakers vs. new 2 way bookshelf

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Hey there,
Been thinking about an upgrading of my JBL TLX500 speakers

I bought these more than ten years ago, they´re plugged to a 100W Sony STR-DE325 receiver and they´ve been working fine as a stereo system for music and movies in a 18 sq meter room.
I was looking for some front ported bookshelf spks. like Monitor Audio BX2 or Kef Q300 and I wonder if upgrading to these will be worth it taking into account that I have no place for floorstanders or a subwoofer.
The new speakers will be placed about 10 or 15cm from the rear wall
I already have some Yamaha monitors and good K701, K271 cans for mixing/clinical listening so I´m chasing for a pleasing, envolving full sounding stereo setup. Also been noticing that bookshelf speakers generally don´t have good bass response and I wondering how will they compare to my old JBL´s.
Any advice?

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My dad has a pair of BR2s these in my opinion are quite lean sounding speakers. If your looking for something a little more tilted towards the bass go for wharfedale diamond 10.1s, they are a little cheaper but can still compete with the monitor audio speakers. I am not sure how the KEF speakers sound. I used to have a KEF IQ5 SE though which is a very thin floorstander (so there might be less of a space issue), here bass already goes a lot deeper than with most bookshelfs. All of these components are very entry level though... I don't know how 'hi fi' your wanting to go but it might be worth saving up for some better components. 

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I run a pair of BR2's along side an ASW100 sub in a 2.1 setup and although the prices may be closer to "entry level" the performance certainly isn't. To my ears this setup can show more expensive kit a clean pair of heels.
I also happen to have a pair of Kef Q5's which are closer in spec to the IQ7's and the BR2's + ASW100 out Bass the Q5's and offer a better sound stage for similar money.
Although if you feed the Kef's some serious power you will have yourself a very detailed very composed speaker capable of some serious volumes.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that they are different beasts, as a front pair to a multi speaker surround system then the Kef's are clear winners, I think you need to decide what is more important.... Music or Films.

If you want to fill a small to medium sized room with non fatiguing agile music and an impeccable soundstage then the BR2's are a good choice for an audition.

However if you want to fill a medium to large space with big volumes of detailed music without your speakers sounding pushed, then the Kef's are more than worth an audition.

If I was in your position I would be looking to audition some Mission 732i's, a slightly bigger front ported stand mount that is know to give a good account of its self in the bass department and can be picked up at bargain prices.
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Yes, I think movies vs music listening is a good way to put it. Also I agree that the likes of the BR2/Q5s are all good speakers for the money. I've never really found the BR2s to be that exiting though (although I cant really say they have any major shortcomings). Then again I've only heard them though a NAD C175, I should try and hook them up to my Roksan Kandy some time and see how they sound then :-D. It would actually be quite interesting to find out how much they will improve with a better source component and amp behind them. I think out of all the speakers discussed the IQ5s would be my favourites, they are very pretty too. 

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I'm not sure what the Nad C175 is, but if its one of those little DAB/CD receivers then that could be the problem. Plug Them into your Roksan Kandy and let me know (My biggest HiFi regret was not pulling the trigger on a Roksan Kandy MK3 CD and Amp). I would love to know how they play together.

Sorry to hijack the thread btw.
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Jasper9295, Valetudoguy, thanks for the replies so far...

The Monitor Audio BX2 are based on the previous BR2 and they get really great reviews but the thing is I don´t know how will they stand up in the bass dept. compared to my old 3 way JBL´s

I´m basically looking for good all-arround bookshelf speakers for about 600€

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Originally Posted by ValeTudoGuy View Post

I'm not sure what the Nad C175 is, but if its one of those little DAB/CD receivers then that could be the problem.

Yup thats what is it. I am at uni now so I will compare them next time I am home. But yes that thing is a bit of a whimpy amp. Also while I do like the roksan and I did upgrade the power supply caps to larger capacity mundorf ones, I am using it to drive floorstanders and I just feel like it doesn't have a great amount of authority. I think it is probably better suited to bookshelfs. I am thinking of selling it down the line and replacing it with a pre/power setup... I was thinking of DIYing one of those avondale amps and getting a headphone/pre amp to do the rest of the work. BTW you can get them a roksan used for 300 quid these days. And ye also sorry for the hijack. 


As far as bookshelf with good extension goes you might want to look at 2nd hand stuff. 600 Euros on the 2nd hand market will get you much further (or DIY if your feeling adventurous). In terms of new stuff if you go a little up the Monitor Audio range their bookshelf's will definitely satisfy your demand (the speakers there are much better in terms of cabinet construction). I've personally been looking at the GX100/200. The RX1 is only 400 pounds per pair now and should also be much better than the BR2 although it is rear ported. You should also look at the B&W 695, Dynaudio DM 2/6, and the Dali Ikon 2. Out of these the Dali probably has the best bass extension it is the largest speaker and it is also easier to drive than the others. 

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Ok with that amount to spend I would personally be wanting to listen to: B&W CM1, Kef R100 & Tannoy Revoultion DC6

Having heard the B&W they give a big sound for the size of speaker. I have never heard the Kef but they get good reviews and I have a history of enjoying Kef products. The Tannoy are IMO gorgeous to look at and although I only spent a couple minutes listening to them I was rather impressed.
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What about getting some used ATC SCM7? Any experience with them?

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Ok ATC SCM7, IMO lovely speakers. Very easy to place, to my ears a lovely tone and very composed. Slight negatives are slightly lacking in bass and quite demanding of the amp driving it. I would say if you have an amp with plenty of power it's a high class very detailed speaker.
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Yes, ATC and Dynaudio demand a gutsy amp with lots of current. My amp delivers 100w but it´s signal quality could be improved.

Basically, I need some easy to place with good bass standmount speakers for about 600€. What would be your choice? 

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Over budget new and not sure on price/availability 2nd hand but heard some Paradigm Studio 20's yesterday and all I can say is WOW.... Very very good to my ears.
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Thanks again Valetudoguy, those Paradigm look nice but I already have some reference monitors for studio use. Same happens with the ATC SCM7, seems to be the perfect speakers for my situation but I´m afraid they can be too analytical (boring), lean sounding at low volumes.

SCM7, Dynaudio 2/7, Dali Ikon 2, Epos Epic 2, and so on... I´m kind of lost choosing decent bass, close to the wall, musically envolving standmount spks for my room  

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I actually listened to the Paradigms in a HiFi setup (Admittedly in a smallish room.) I was suitably impressed. But hey I kinda like monitors for HiFi sometimes, I'm even considering buying some KRK Rokit 6's for my laptop because the Mrs won't let me have an amp where we keep the laptop.

Re the Dali Ikon 2's, they Didn't sit we'll with me.... Almost kind of metallic. I do however Like the cheaper (some would say poor cousin.) Lektor 3's.

You could try JMLab 806 V, they could be exactly what your after sound wise. For me the only downside is that they are ugly as sin with the girls on IMO and speakers without grills would last all of 2 seconds in my house.

I'm going to go a bit left field with the next one, Ruark Icon. Old old old but good and when they do show up they can be a total steal.

Finally I still recon the Tannoy DC6's are worth a listen. For clarity I'm talking about the Signature DC6's.

Beyond that I'm stumped.
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