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As All-Rounder? HE500 or LCD2.2?

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Which of these 2 is a better all-rounder Headphone (SoundSig)?

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I'd say HE-500 too, but you can't go wrong with either.

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Either could work as good all-rounders, being linear response and since both are smooth and forgiving, but LCD will reveal poorer sources as poorer sources better than HE500. HE500 has a liquid sound that'll impart on the music no matter what and LCDs are more warm, natural with better articulated texture, timbre.

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The 500s will take a cheaper amp better than the LCDs but both need a decent amp to get your full value out of the purchase. A portable player will not do the job. I'd recommend the 500s if you like an even presentation. If you like a darker, bass prominent sound, the LCDs. I've not cared for the 2.2s until they were put on a Bryston or equal amp. It brightened them up and offered very good dynamics. The 500s are pretty good out of most everything I've tried it on. But I am a HE house sound fan. I use the 6s.
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