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Hi there :)


So my headphone setup is almost perfect for the next long time lol. I recently purchased some HE-500's with a EMU 0404 and soon to be TBI millenia to power it. 


I am now looking into getting a pair of desktop speakers and although I was originally looking at Airmotiv 4's . I feel the need to use the TBI Millenia to it's full extent.

Looking for a pair of passive speakers but I'm really not sure and I seem to be limited by about 30W ( a very strong 30W apparently). I started looking into Arx a1b but 

they don't seem to be for near field or small room applications... 


Any thoughts? suggestions?


I listen to a variety of music but as of late a lot of progressive, (from Yes to Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree). 

Imaging and sound stage are very important to me but I know a lot of that will come from my setup.


Any recommendations would be appreciated