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IC: Fairfield County Mini-Meet (Summer)

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I really enjoyed the meet in Babylon, and would love to just have a few people (or more!) to chat with over the summer. I have ample space in my living room, and we could most likely do it there. I live in stamford, ct, and if you are interested possibly, just post below, if we get maybe 15 people, i'll see if I can set something up

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I am interested.  Only 14 more to go

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I live in Hamden, work in Stamford. Count me in. I just acquired a new Rega turntable and would like to discuss shops/web sites to purchase audiophile quality discs. One other idea is to ask someone from Mosaic Records, located in Stamford, to attend the meet. I have actually gone to their office in Stamford to purchase boxed sets directly on site. I'd like to see Mosaic reissue several of their discontinued sets. There is obviously a demand because they sell on EBay and Amazon for hundreds of dollars.
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