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Introducing someone to head-fi/hi-fi 101

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As someone who is relatively new to this field I can attest that the amount of information, opinions, and resources that are available is overwhelming. Not to mention the thousands of dos and don'ts about what to buy, sell, modify, et cetera.

So my question is: as people who've been around it for a longer time, what would you say to someone who is enthusiastic but unsure of how to ease into experiencing high-quality audio?

This doesn't have to be addressed to me, just to a newcomer in general.
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Before anyone posts, let me add that this is a question about what advice you would give rather then what equipment to buy.
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The first bit of advice is to post in the most appropriate forum ;-)  Maybe the Members' Lounge would get you a bigger response to this kind of question.


But on a more practical level, probably the best thing you can do is go to a meet - see the meets forum for what's going on. You might have to wait a while for one to turn up in your area, or be prepared to travel.


Failing that, try one of the national hifi shows, or get to know a friendly hifi dealer that's prepared to let you borrow stuff to try at home (once upon a time, this was the only way to get into proper hifi).


Or trawl through the forums to get a consensus view of the what's frequently recommended that has the type of sound signature you prefer. E.g.Grado headphones for an up front sound, or Sennheiser for a more a more laid back sound. But as you've probably already spotted, nobody agrees on anything. It's just like that, but don't worry, you'll get used to it :o)

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best thing to do is to start listening to different headphones and amps and equipment and maybe even speakers.

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