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New In-ear recommendation.

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Hello! I'm not really inside the in-ear world, and I want to buy a good pair this weekend, as my old ones have broken.
My price range would be between 100€-150€ (150-200)$.
My source is an iPod 160GB classic, and 2/3 or more of my music is in lossless ALAC.
About the type of music, most of it is rock and its derivatives (not hard one though...), but anyway they would not be destined to electronic music mainly. I appreciate a good bass, though due to my music types, it's not necessary a really big one.
I really don't know what to say in addition, if you need more information to help, please let me know. Thanks!
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I have t jays 3. They are clear and have good bass.
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Vsonic gr07sare amazing in about that price range
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Vsonic gr07sare amazing in about that price range
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I would recommend something with a lot of clarity - Either the Etymotic ER-4P or the ACS T15. They're very similar, though the T15 has more body and bass while the ER-4P has a little bit more detail.

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Fisher audio DBA-02 MKII or Shure SE425.
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Originally Posted by torturechambers View Post

Vsonic gr07sare amazing in about that price range

I've read really good reviews about them, and as I read they divide very well the instruments, which is something important for me. I'll go for them! :)

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Good choice, They are over ear only, but that was never a problem when I used my friends pair, and I have long hair lol.

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