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Best Headphones Under $400

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Hey All!


I am looking to upgrade my Parrot Ziks to a better sounding pair of headphones under $400 bucks. I listen to modern as well as classical music. I am pretty much lost in the plethora of awesome choices out there and I can't seem to figure out which pair I should get!


I am looking for great stock sound, portability, and comfort. (I used to use the QC15s, which felt great)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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Sennheiser Momentum.

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Mad Dog by MrSpeakers with a carrying case.

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Another option (the two mentioned before are great) 

Pro 750, renders a realistic sound of orchestra music

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Would the V-Moda m100 be a good option?
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Originally Posted by michael7795 View Post

Would the V-Moda m100 be a good option?

Simply put... No unless you are a pure basshead and listen to mainly modern genres. I would second the Mrspeakers Mad Dogs, but only if you have a decent amp. I would also look into AKG 550, for open headphones K702 Annie's (still 400 from Razordog Audio w/ Coupon). Again you need an amp for those. If you don't have an amp either Momentums, X1, or 550.
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A lesser known headphone has been getting very good reviews is the Soundmagic HP100 and its only $200. I did allot of research before choosing these and am very happy with them. I'd suggest you read all the reviews to see if the sound signature is for you. Its not as warm as most perhaps closer to the AKG K550 or neutral but does have very good bass that goes way down without diminishing. Worth checking out anyways.

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Do you have a portable amp that you plan on using? Or do you want to run it unampped? I think that's a very important question to answer as well as if you need the headphones to be closed (isolated)

AKG K550 works pretty well unampped (although I def. prefer an amp). The Mad Dogs, while I haven't owned them, heard you need a decent amp like Greed said.

I've owned the K702 Annie's and they leak a lot of sound so you can't really use them at the library or somewhere quiet, but I liked their sound the best out of the headphones I've owned
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If you'll be running them unamped, I would also recommend the beyerdynamic dt1350s.  You can find them on Amazon for $200.

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I'd probably look for a pair of refurb Momentums if you need portability.  They're very comfortable and sound pretty good.  I don't think they're worth their retail price though.

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