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Most Appealing Headphone Ever Seen?

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in relation to the thread " WORST headphone you ever heard?", http://www.head-fi.org/t/571839/worst-headphone-you-ever-heard/705, i, as a design freak, wonder what u guys think about which headphones appeal to you the most?

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IMO the best looking headphones are sennheiser hd598s, but AKGs generally look pretty sexy as well.

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Always the one I'm *just* about to buy.

Currently in loooove with the Sennheise HD-25-1-ii I just bought. I loooove that technical bunch of wires on black. Form follows function.

But then again, I have some vintage gear in my living room most people would find ugly. Technics SB-6000 speakers for instance.

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I think all the Grados look pretty nice, the Wooden ones especially.




But the Phocal spirits i tried at my local store a few days ago looked nice as well :)

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The wooden Grados, LCD-2, Denon D5000/D7000.  The cups that Marty makes are just gorgeous.

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ATH-W3000ANV, W1000X , W5000.

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Anything with wood looks gorgeous (thunderpants!)

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Something like that?

Personally, I'm a fan of the Audio Technica wings. No need to worry about adjusting the headband whenever you move around or let a friend listen. I have two such headphones with that design (Audio Technica AT-AD900 and Superlux HD669) and it feels alien to me whenever I use a different headphone and have to adjust the band.. The look is distinctive enough if you're really into that. Downside is that the... headband doesn't have a middle part on your head so you can't use such headphones to hold back your hair.
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Once described to me as looking like "something Captain Falcon would wear", I still think the V-modas M80 and M100s look pretty sweet = D

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The Sony R-10s look majestic and grand to me, no doubt the best looking.

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Sennheiser HE 60 and Pioneer SE-1000 (not the SE-A1000, for obvious reasons).

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Sennheiser, AKG and Grado are a few examples of brief design in Bauhaus style, which is good. Though the concept of design itself is something very wondrous. As for me, I wasn't so big on Vmodas in the beginning, particularly M80 and M100, but till I saw them on hand, I started falling into love with them.

This goes the same with my love for Mercedes GLK too. I found it really disgusting at my first sight. Though my impression about it changed drastically when I saw the real thing.


Funny how people's perceptions about things can change ah?


This may explain why I love my gf so much, who is a far cry from being photogenic. 

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Anyone here would like to share your views on the design of Japs headphones, such as JVC or Sony?


Steve Jobs once said at a design conference “The current wave of industrial design is Sony’s high-tech look, which is gunmetal grey, maybe paint it black, do weird stuff to it, It’s easy to do that. But it’s not great.”


So any thoughts on it, guys?





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Don't let your gf see that last part xD

Maybe Steve Jobs saw what Sony was doing and said "Hey, Sony are painting their things black. Lets paint ours white!"

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Black Sennheiser Momentum and MDR 1R

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