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Brainwavz M2 replacements?

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Hello all,


I've been using my Brainwavz M2s for about a year, and absolutely love them. But it seems like the left ear speaker has gone bad - on any heavy bass, I hear a rattling and it sounds terrible. I'm looking for budget (50 or below) replacements. I just got some JVC HA-FX101s, and though they do have lots of bass, it seems like the mids and treble are so 'far away' - with the M2s, bass, mids and treble seem like they are right against my ear, not muffled, and sound great. I could use a bit more bass from them though ;).


Any suggestions?

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Monoprice 9927s sound great and are ~$7 from their site

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First off -


Under $50, bit more bassy than the M2, more balance than the FX101? Could check out the GR02 BEs as a slightly more trebly alternative to the M2s (although if you liked them that much, could just go with another pair of M2s - more bass than the M2s while retaining the quality, tough to find). Eternas come to mind if you account for the smoothness and all that, the CKS99s if you really want to get into the bass quantity thing and can take a fair bit of treble.

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