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Eddie Current Zana Deux voltage step down from 120V to 100V?

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Hi All,


I recently acquired the original Zana Deux from a fellow head-fier. It's currently rated at 120V but I'd like to step it down to 100V for Japan. I asked Craig for assistance and he's advised on  changing something that doesn't look obvious to me (mainly colour cable differences) and thought I'd ask to see if anyone here with transformer knowledge would able to assist in helping me understand what Craig is saying :-


Keen Ocean Toroidal Transformer


Craig responded with the following. Unfortunately I'm not able to find brown wires (and by blue, presumably he meant purple/violet) :-


for 120V the two black wires will be tied together and go to one side of the line, the two blue wires are tied together and go to the other side of the line. For 100V replace the two blue wires with the two brown wires tied together. Make sure the blue wires are no longer connected to each other, or anything else.


I further took these pictures to see if I'm understanding Craig


Pin Out Assignment


1) two black wires - Pin 15 & 16 on the socket
2) two blue/purple wires - Pins 9 & 10 on the socket
3) two brown (I see grey, not brown?) wires - Pins 5 & 6 on the socket
So to convert to 100v, I move the two brown/grey wires from Pins 5 & 6 to pins 9 & 10, and leave the two blue/purple wires completely disconnected? Therefore Pins 5 & 6 will be empty/dummy pins? Will there be any particular order (i.e. Pin 5 -> Pin 9, and Pin 6 -> Pin 10)?
The Toroidal Transformer has the following in L-R order :-
1) 2x Purple
2) 2xGrey
3) 2x Yellow
4) 1xRed
5) 1xBlack
6) 1xRed
7) 1xBlack
8) 1xBlue
#7 & 8 are together. 
No brown wires. Presumably brown -> grey?
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Maybe he switched transformers during the production run? Why not ask him to clarify? 


In the meantime (and there are very solid arguments for doing this as a permanent solution) just get a 100:120V isolation transformer. 

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My relationship with Craig isn't very good at the moment and I have a feeling there'll be minimal communication going forward.


It seems that there are US-only 120V transformers for US bounded ZD's and there's international transformers which are multi voltage for foreign bounded ZD's. The international versions are moddable whilst the US-only aren't.


So it looks like my question is answered and I have (mostly) no choice but to use a 100:120V isolation transformer. Another possibility is to swap the entire Toroidal Transfomer for the international one, which I'll need to then determine the appropriate location of the 11-12 pins.

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Anakchan- You could always buy a Variac  .This adjusts the mains voltage by turning knob or wheel with indications on the top or meter as to the set voltage .If you get a universal one it would do for any voltage even over run the local mains voltage.

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Thanks chaps. I think for now that's what I may need to do. Will look it up in Amazon Japan. The amp actually does work in a 100V environment but not supplying to 120V, I don't know what impact I'm "missing" sonically, and if there's any long term repercussions of running "under" voltage.

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Only drawback is a small reduction  on the peak output if you are using it full on /or depending on the design some small clipping . but 20V isnt a lot of difference many electric companies only guarantee it within  this value. 

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On the transformers that are 'adjustable', can a 120v ps be re-wired for 220v?

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Originally Posted by tme110 View Post

On the transformers that are 'adjustable', can a 120v ps be re-wired for 220v?


If I understood Craig properly, the internationally bounded ZD's transformers can handle multiple voltages - just need some soldering skills.


My US-version ZD is supposed to be 120V only however if I look at the toroidal transformer label, it says 100V-120V :-



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"On transformers that are adjustable"- Yes they can be rewired for 220V. Western European standard is now -230V although the UK has voltages of 240 +[the old UK voltages] in some cases and we use -230V working transformers.. So if its an "international" one -IE- the EU then that will be the voltage. .10 volts is not going to make much difference unless you are dealing with high precision scientific equipment . All you need is an ACCURATE  guidance of the color coding of the wires.--DO NOT -TAKE A  CHANCE ON THIS -Wrongly done and you could start a fire . At the very least s/c the windings.. If you see a circuit diagram of an adjustable  mains transformer you will see it isn't a case of connecting the wires in series-they are crossed. I am talking of the MODERN mains transformers NOT the old types that can be found in old tube radios    and amps New.International rules now apply to mains transformers that are World "universal".

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