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Special deal for DN-22M Detonator on Amazon. 30% off with Free shipping.


Ready to ignite your passion for Music?





Hi fans, to celebrate the 5/1 labor day, from 5/2~5/9 you will have chance to get a 30% off DN-22M Detonator with free shipping. DN-22M MSRP is $ 45. It now only takes you $ 30 to enjoy the dynamic sound from DUNU, a leader in manufacturing and design of high-performance headphones.


Still sticking with cheap earbud of low SQ Maybe it’s time to change.


Where to buy


What other said about DN-22M Detonator.



DN-22 Introduction




Life is music, DUNU make it easier to enjoy every single moment.


Connecting with you friend, it just need to press the connecting button. Now you can answer your call with ease while listening to DN-22M. DUNU fulfill your need to enjoy music and to communicate.





Ignite your passion for life of music.

DN-22M Detonator provides not only the convenience, but also the terrific audio experience. You can take pleasure in all music genres form DUNU’s professional tuning. High resolution sound reproduction, deep bass, and crystal clear mid-high are ready for your satisfaction.


DN-22M Microphone function compatible with most of Smartphones, including iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Sony, ETC. Now you have an alternately choice for both convenience and premium sound quality.


DN-22M was designed to reduce ambient noise by 26dB and prevent sound leakage. The metal housing prevents any unwanted distortions and vibrations. In the mean time, it ensures a smooth surround sound with a clear and distinctive mid-high range.


DN-22M Detonator

Specification >>




HQ Dynamic 9mm

Frequency Response


Noise Attenuation




Plug Size

Gold-plated 3.5mm Stereo plug

Cord Length

1.2 m


Product Features

  • Solid, durable, mirror-polished metal build.
  • Highly efficient dynamic speaker system for potent, deep, and stereo bass
  • Sleek ergonomic in-ear earphone.
  • High Noise isolating by 26 dB
  • Excellent balance in frequencies with natural sound reproduction and smooth response.
  • Rich, full and high detailed Mid-Low frequency performance.