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Are there fake Fiio E17?

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I found this on Ebay, it came to me as a surprise by how cheap it is, but the shipping is $69 worldwide.



I found this thread from Fiio http://www.head-fi.org/t/555526/notice-fake-fiio-products


"we have found that there are some bad manufacturers counterfeit and sell our company product in the market, such as E1,E3,E5,E7,L1"


But it didn't say anything about E17.


Are there any E17 fakes out there? If there aren't any fakes... this would be a great deal tongue_smile.gif

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In the close-up photo the display looks different from mine (looks fake - or, different). Same with front panel controls and silkscreen.

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Looks like they stole the picture from another seller. I wouldn't waste my time but if you really did want to check it out ask for new pictures with something written on a piece of paper.

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Look real to you? rolleyes.gif

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