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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Europe

For sale an AURALiC TAURUS headphone amp in like new condition, not fully burnt in yet, around 200hrs.

(MSRP in EU is 1.800€)

Great pairing with the HD800. It can drive every single dynamic headphone on the market, even the very hard to drive HifiMan HE6, according to AURALiC's Wang Xuanqian.




P.S.- buyers with 0 trader feedback or less than 100 messages - payment by bank transfer or PP gift

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I'm also willing to sell my AURALiC TAURUS, it's really wonderful with HE500. PM me if you want

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XYY, I suggest you start your own thread for that.  This is Vitor's interest check.

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Could be interested at 1000eur price

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Hi. I'm interested in your amplifier. i live in spain. Where are you from? The shipping cost are included? Can you send me Photos of the amplifier?
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Are either of these items still for sale. I know this is an old post but asking anyway.
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