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For Sale:
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohm

Will Ship To: Anywhere

If you have clicked on this ad I suspect you know how decent a sounding headphone the 770 is. I drive them as my portable cans witha Fiio E11 from the LOD on my iPod, and the sound is very good. I have hooked these into my Auditor and was really, really surprised just how good these sound. The ONLY reason I am selling them is that as portables my ears get very hot during the summer so I am going for something smaller like the V-moda M80s. I know I am will be giving up a great deal of sound as compared with the 770s, but I am trying to be practical. As a home headphone the 770 is a great choice. I find them to be a very well balanced headphone. I find there is plenty of bass, and not just a one note variety. You get bass impact and quite a reasonable amount of detail for a sealed design.


I was surprised at this, but I might almost like the highs with the 770 more than on my DT 880 600ohm headphone. The mids are also well presented, if a tad back, then just a tad. Overall I find them balanced in that nothing is over or under presented. At $125 you will be hard pressed to find a better value to sound quality ratio IMO, but of course, that is an opinion. I have compared these to my brothers M50s and not to be mean, but the 770s kill them for overall sound quality, and certainly for sound stage, which you get a decent amount of with the 770. The condition is excellent with not a hint of sonic problems. I don't have the box any longer, but I of course still have the 1/4" adapter.


I will take some pictures soon, but if you come across this ad and find I haven't posted any yet, just message me and I'll do so as quickly as I can. Frankly I hate taking the pictures as I don't currently have any photediting software on this computer so cropping the images is a problem. You can see my seller feedback is excellent, if I say they are in excellent condition, you have my word on it. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers.



Ottawa, Canada