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Opinion on Philips SHD9200 wireless headphone

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Anyone heard the Philips SHD9200 and like to offer some opinion ?




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I bought a set. I'd describe them as gash.


They are my first foray into wireless headphones, so I have nothing to compare them against.


What I can say is that my expectations from a product costing £170 quid was that it would at least be pleasant to listen to.


I found them to be siblant, hissy and compressed, lacking in transparency, yet somehow managing to accentuate digital glare on the recording.


I'm generally a turntable user, and I'm more than happy to trade some background hiss for transparency. There is FAR too much hiss present on these during quiet passages and I hated the overall sonic performance from these phones. They sounded truly nasty when fed by the digital out of my cd transport, and only marginally better when connected to the analogue output of my DAC.


Maybe all wireless phones sound appalling? Maybe I'm expecting too much? but I'd expect a set of £170 wireless phones to outperform a set of £40 wired phones. These don't.


My headphone collection has been fairly eclectic, including ancient (but toddler proof) 70's Koss, beyerdynamic 411, akg inner ear (£30), sennheiser inner ear (£30), Stax SR002 inner ear electrostatics, and a set of stax SRD4/sr40 electrets.


These wireless Philips SHD9200's score 1 star in my view (out of 5). I've awarded 1 star on the basis of a decent build, comfort and the fact that they seem to have a decent range when walking around the house.

Soundwise: I have nothing good to say about them - definately not hi-fi headphones.

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