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For Sale:
Interest Check Audio Technica W3000ANV

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I got these in October of last year and since then I have put roughly 100 hours on them.  They have minor blemishes visible only under proper lighting and the foam on the headband has slight blemishes as though a pin were dragged across it.  Apart from these defects the box they were included is slightly dinged on the corners.  Pictures available upon request.


I'm just looking to see what these are worth right now.  I used to hate orthos and after messing around with the HE-500 and LCD-2 for a few weeks they've become audiophile heroine for me, unfortunately.  May consider selling in a few weeks depending on the interest shown in these.  Let this be a lesson to newcomers not to try too hard to like orthos, lest your wallet is obese and in need of liposuction.


Listing is closed, sorry to all who pm'd.  Was made an HE-500 offer I couldn't refuse.

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