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London Calling...19th October, 2013. - Page 7  

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We are indeed :)

Sounds like a busy but lovely schedule and living arrangement.

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count me +1 in this time. Hopefully all works out for me this time.

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Originally Posted by Paul Graham View Post

I thought we'ld all agreed on that already?!?! I'm sure Frank, Longbow and the crew would agree! Lmao biggrin.gif
And me thinking my marsian (i mean amsterdam) background wouldnt get noticed... biggrin.gif but am glad u accepted me in ur mids..u being the normal guys on theblock. biggrin.gif
Cant wait to get into my ufo and be present on the oktober meet in london and meet u guys in person. biggrin.gif

Edit..with ufo i ofcourse meant plane. wink.gif
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No you Meant a UFO didn't you?! lol

And me, Normal??? deadhorse.gif

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I've fixed a couple of signatures to link to this thread correctly :)


If anyone gets stuck, fire me a PM and I will sort it for you :)

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Please count me in again with a +1 as it stands at the moment.  Thoroughly enjoyed the last one and been able to meet like minded people was great. 

Originally Posted by jude View Post

Alas, this is one London Meet I won't be able to attend, as I believe the Fall Tokyo Headphone Festival is happening that weekend, too.


I just got back home, but I'm missing all of my new London friends (not to mention that wonderful city) already!

Shame, was hoping you was going to bring that Sony 7520 studio cans with you this time!, but alas I am on the verge of buying some anyway modded with both channel inputs to cups with a Whiplash Twag cable.  Hope you enjoy the Tokyo festival though.....



Originally Posted by iFi audio View Post

Hi Nadeem,


If you haven't already, please count iFi audio in for the London September meet.


We checked and it wont clash with the Can Jam at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (Oct 11-13).


We'll pencil in a premier of a new iFi product for this show.




Looking forward to hearing your gear,  I had been looking forward to hearing these for some time only to not getting around to it and kicking myself for it so was hoping you guys would be back again, so look forward to meeting you.  Ironically my Dad did have the sense to listen to them and was impressed with the iFi gear and is looking at buying the i-can amp which will slot into his Naim system.  

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Put +1 extra on my wife is curious whats all the fuss about. And she wants to shop in london..poor wallet!!! redface.gif
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Your +1 is added Rookie :)

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That's great chaps...smily_headphones1.gif
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I'll add a +1 too, whilst we're at it - hopefully my brother will be able to attend this time!!

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Cant remember if I have put my name down for this, and hopefully my signature works but put me down for coming, I cant wait, considering how good the last one was, this one should be epic

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I am in! Great to see, you are organizing this. The last meeting was a blast L3000.gif

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That's great chaps...smily_headphones1.gif
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+1 for me too please

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Originally Posted by Swimsonny View Post

MrQ and Carkensaur,


I know whose your talking about, they also had a Fiio amp on the table. I heard the same amp with the LCD-2 and was really nice, the amp was awesome. I am going to apologise to owner now for struggling to remember his name as we talked quite a bit and i really enjoyed chatting to him but he wore a Pink shirt. He also was one of the two Tera player owners there, one was suicidal_orange and the other him.


I embarrassed and apologise dearly for not knowing his tag.



Hmm maybe there were three Tera players there, I'm not orange and my jumper was a dark red (I think?). 

Maybe there were lots of us but we kept hidden!

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