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London Calling...19th October, 2013. - Page 41  

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See you all Saturday morning chaps.
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I'll be there!

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I'll be there!

Martin Warr

Synthax Audio (UK), representing Ultrasone Headphones

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Sorry can you make it +1 for me please?


Lewis Prince +1 

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Can you put my name on the list too....

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Anyone bringing a hifi m8?
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We are just packing our things for tomorrow morning! Should be another great event. Looking forward to seeing everyone there and hearing some amazing setups again!





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I've just finished a new build of an off-board KGSShv (literally started listening at 4 pm today. )  Not fully sorted yet -it has a slight hum in L channel, but I will bring it instead of the on-board model.


Anyone want to bring a Stax SR-007 Mk1?

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Sure. I will bring my MKIs and I am very interested to hear the KGSSHV.


Nadeem: My girlfriend would also like to join if it's not too late for a +1 for me.

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All packed and ready to go smily_headphones1.gif
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Phew! In London. See you all tomorrow. Hey GSA Rider, could you do a +1 for me. I shall bring my friend along if I can.
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See you all in the morning fellas. I'll be the one pointing a video camera at you :D

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I've lashed together what I can with 6 bungee cords, 10 metres of gaffer tape and a wheelie cart.

Sadly the Opera CD player proved both too heavy and too bulky for the cart so I'll be using just an uber bifrost/vortexbox front end.

I'll got both the mjolnir/toxic/lcd2s and a sicphones/denon d2000mod packed too.


I haven't allowed for torrential rain and that's just started - hopefully gone by morning time.


Is there a step free access GSA?

I only plan to unlash once and other than the step on/off the train those hotel steps are the main obstacle.

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I'll be bringing the cheap and cheerful Creative Aurvana Live and the love 'em or hate 'em AKG K702.

I am also bringing the HRT MS2 and the Epiphany Acoustics ODAC (I'm selling these if anyone is interested).

See y'all tomorrow.

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I will be  bringing my ed8 (jaben silver cable mod with furutech plug), mh334, c435, ie800 and AKG K1000 there. also my portable setup.  cant wait until tomorrow

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