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Me and 2 other family members of mine will be attending this Saturday.


Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

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Originally Posted by Spurs an View Post



I am wondering if anybody is bringing along a Fiio X3 to the meet is I would like to listen to one.



I'm aiming to be there, and if I make it I'll have my X3 with me, which you would be welcome to try - however, I've just found out that my station will be shut at the weekend while the track is upgraded so I'm not sure if I can make it.

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Name tags tags. . name tags.

not being able to put names to faces last time was a major downer. We can just use cheapo printer
labels and a marker
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Sadly, I'm no longer able to attend due to a last minute work trip reschedule. 

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Sign me up please!


Lewis Prince

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Could I change from +1 to +2 please
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Hi guys looking forward to the meet.
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i am also coming this saturday with my friend but i wont be bringing any equipment. i am so looking forward to the show.

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Can't wait, I'll be there smily_headphones1.gif

Bag full of headphones (hisound E212, brainwavz S1, Dunu DN1000, FAD Piano Forte X-G and hopefully heaven II, Rockit Sounds R-Lite, R-DJ and R-Studio)
Amps: JDS Labs O2 and C5, Spider Surround Pro
Cables: SPC LOD, silver LOD and standard copper LOD
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I am so bloody excited i only wish i could buy some extra gear for everyone to test out so limited at the moment gosh how i love this site i remember the first day we meet it all started with an innocent headphone review and as my passion grew i found myself spending every moment indulging in the depths of her luscious forums review after review until my wallet could contain it no more and with that purchase after purchase damn what a journey lol looking forward to it guys please if anyone has a v moda vamp could do with a tester or even the headstage arrow thanks !!
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Originally Posted by Big Poppa G View Post

A friend said he would like to come along , can a book a +1 place?
In terms of gear, I doubt I have anything that esoteric - I have the Schitt Valhalla, Graham Slee Solo SRG , HD650 Akg K701 and  GMP 200  but no DAC . I can bring them with me but without a DAC  I doubt they wioll be of much use.
As a minimum bring yourself, favourite CD/files and a headphone you know.
There were people with spare items at the spring show so it's up to you if you bring anything - we're friendly so you might be able to try your amp on someone's DAC.
To everyone bringing a set-up remember an extension cable if you'll need more than 1 socket as sockets per table is limited.
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I remember last time I came around 2 hours late. Regretted that badly.


Definitely going to be there for 10am this time (!)

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Wish I were going.
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Cant make it, im sorry! wish i was going too

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Hi all,

Looking forward to sharing and learning this Saturday.

Many thanks to GSARider and all others supporting this event. It's getting bigger and better.

Kit list for me is as follows:
240Gb iMod video, JHA AHA120
IRiver H140, Sonosax SX-DA2
IMod ALO PV-Cap, Pico Slim or Lisa III
IRiver H120, iBasso D10 (black gate cap mod)

Phones to include Ultrasone Ed9 and 10, ATH ESW10JPN, Denon D7000, Amperior with TWaG, RS1, and HD600 with APS v2.

JH13's and ie8i.

Might bring mac plus Just Audio DAC to show how portable amps can perform at home too!

Must spend time on Stax, T1, Smythe and other great stuff.

Might buy ie800 if at the right price.
2 sleeps to go!

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