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London Calling...19th October, 2013. - Page 39  

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Hope to be able to come down too, after a previously aborted attempt to one 3 years ago (Park Royal way, I think). Overtaken by events that time.


Nothing interesting to bring of my own sadly (Grado SR60, Archos 5 music player, AirHead portable amp).


Please add me to the list.

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Sounds good guys- just to remind you all:


We have the 'quiet room' along from the main hall which will have a few manufacturers set up with equipment to listen to in an...'erm quiet environment for critical listening.


Russ Poole - see here - http://music.russpoole.co.uk/album/city-lights Will be coming along to do a live acoustic set. Please do get his music from Bandcamp - available in hi-res formats and less than £3 for the album. This will take place just before lunchtime.

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Originally Posted by CantScareMe View Post

Yea, and I wonder, Is the LCD - XC going to be there?


It'll be awesome if it is

I was speaking to the Audeze UK distributor yesterday regarding this as I'm keen to get the LCD-X and XC on demo to go with our 2's and 3's but he is still waiting to hear from Audeze regarding availability and pricing so I'll be amazed if we see anything in the UK this month.


Hope I'm wrong though as I can't wait to spend some time with them both, especially the XC's :-)

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Will anyone have the theorem 720 or hifi m8?
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Hi All,

I live in Bristol and I know there are Bristol/SW head-fi'ers on headfi and also some who were at the April Meet.

If you're from Bristol or can drive over easily,come and have a chat with me during the show as I have some solid plans with
the Manager of Audio-T on Park Street to start a regular mini-meet. Even possibly with Sennheiser involvement.

We can move this post onto a new thread of course! As I don't want to over shadow this London event. So PM me if you're
interested and we can take it from there, create our own event page etc.

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I saw that a bit earlier there was some interest in O2 + ODAC as the budget side of an A-B-C test, but it sounded as though that had been set aside because the O2/ODAC weren't available after all.  If there still is an interest in that, I do have the (separate) O2 and ODAC, and would be happy to volunteer them.


GSARider, I know it's late days, but if you'd like them, and like them shipped to you for setup ahead of time, please give me a shout.

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I will be bringing my sony ex1000 to the party
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Yay, I just moved to London. I can't wait!

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A fair amount of prizes for the raffle are coming in as well now chaps. Grado have just told e they'll be putting in a pair of their excellent cans worth £400, a pair of Soundmagic's we will also have a Schiit Magni & Moda and also an Omega Headphone Stand...more to follow on the day from Shure, etc.


Raffle tickets will be at a £5 each again and the prize draw at 3pm.

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Is there still room? I know I'd like to go and I have another friend who might be interested too.

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Yes there is.
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Sorry but I'm not going to be able to make it due to recent work commitments. Enjoy the day and I'll have my fingers crossed that it runs as well as the last one for your sake GSARider!

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Confident that it will, we have more folk coming along than the Spring meet and of course more companies.smily_headphones1.gif
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A friend said he would like to come along , can a book a +1 place?

In terms of gear, I doubt I have anything that esoteric - I have the Schitt Valhalla, Graham Slee Solo SRG , HD650 Akg K701 and  GMP 200  but no DAC . I can bring them with me but without a DAC  I doubt they wioll be of much use.

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Yep that's not a problem.
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