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London Calling...19th October, 2013. - Page 33  

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Originally Posted by Homage View Post

What about Fostex Th600 or Th900 model, anyone got those that they will bring along!

These are top of my list at the moment to try out...


Yep, I'll be bringing my TH600.

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Originally Posted by xeroeth View Post


Yep, I'll be bringing my TH600.


Great news!
If I've not managed to get a pair myself by then I'll introduce myself to yourself, and the Darth Vader beasts!!!....hahaha


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We are getting name badges this time I hope. 

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Originally Posted by daniel_hokkaido View Post

We are getting name badges this time I hope. 


+1. That would be great.

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I might attend, if I have any gear left by October.
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I think I remember seeing comply will be coming ? So lots of tips on offer ..great!


Anyone got hold of a pair of cardas iems please please bring them :) Been hearing 

interesting variety of opinions. 

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Would love to come along so if you add me and a +1 also that would be great. Still very new to this so don't really have much equipment to bring along! Will probably take my Q701's and E12 though. Thanks

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I plan to come again. Will bring HD 800 and a Graham Slee Solo amp.

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I might have a couple of units I would be willing to sell if we can get a list together.
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I'm interested in this event. Is it too late to join?

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OH my gosh i can't believe i just discovered this thread i want to cry lol i hopefully will be attending i've never been to anything like this is there ticket costs or how does it work so excited do they have any iem demo's ??????????????? ahhh im gonna explode i love this hobby ! or addiction/obsession call it what you will still so damn exciting lol.

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If its the same set up as last time. Nadeem will correct if not, no entrance fee but a raffle for charity that it would be great if you bought a ticket for. Not compulsory though. Yes there will almost certainly be IEM's for you to try. Don't forget to breathe! wink.gif
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Could I add a +1 please

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I'm going to try and make. I'm about 60% certain that I can. Is that sufficient, or do you need a 100% commitment?
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I'm going no matter what book my coach tickets now if i have to lol so do i need to apply or am i now already involved by commenting on this thread  help guys i must go lol 

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