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For Sale: Selling tubes RCA 6SN7GT/GTB (1950-1960)

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$55 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Selling tubes RCA 6SN7GT/GTB (1950-1960)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling American radio tubes 6SN7GT (Soviet equivalent 6N8S) for products: DarkVoice, La Figaro, Woo Audio, and others.
Tubes are tested on the tube tester L3-3.
Nominal parameters for 6SN7:
- Anode current (Ia) - 9 mA
- Slope (S) - 2,6 mA/V.

1) RCA 6SN7GT "Smoked Glass" (1950) - tube NOS. In direct tapping for tube little microphones, when banging on the table microphone effect is not present.
Feedback: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
RCA VT-231 [black base, grey/black glass (latter far more rare), 2 extra rectangular mica pieces attached to either side of round top mica, grey glass starts from the bottom and ends near the top and will have a few thin clear vertical lines 'scratched' into it by both extra mica pieces, crimped filament openings]
- “RCA VT-231 grey-bottles are much warmer and have a grand presentation with accentuated reverb. [compared to Ken-Rad and Sylvania VT-231 combo]” – Glod
- “I have used the gray glass RCA VT231 as input in the MPX3 (7 months ago) and it had good bass and nice detail,(sorry to be so vague but I haven't used them for a while) but it doesn't sound 'right' as a TS RP does.” – Rob N
- “I had tried the RCA VT-231, and thought the high end didn't cut it compared to Sylvania's.” – Hirsch
- "As far as lushness goes the 1940's RCA grey glass is the one to go for." -RobN [in personal correspondence with author]
- “The warmest, best tonally is the early grey glass RCA VT-231. This one has very strong bass, a bit less defined, but an incredible rich midrange.” – Robert H
- “Yes, the RCA VT-231 is a bit syrupy. It certainly doesn't have the openess and detail of, say, the Sylvania VT-231. But it's TONALITY is just, well...right. The sound of musical instruments - their tonality - is simply the correct one. I just love this tube. So musical. It's sorta like a real babe, with killer knockers, but she's got a little too much around the middle. You know there's something not perfect, BUT - it just feels so damn good you can't keep yourself from going back.” – Robert H
- “Here we get into murky territory. RCA produced a grey glass 6SN7GT with side micas straight through from 1942 until at least 1956, and there is a great deal of sonic variation among tubes within that period. None are bad. But the early one sound far better. This is one of my favorite 6SN7's, but let's face it - it is very warm and lush, has a huge soundstage and huge bloom - not for Cary owners (for example) whose amps are already tubby sounding. In a good, neutral tube amp - which is what a good tube amp is, actually - this tube is a king. But be VERY careful about the vintage. Early ones have the magic. Later ones are good but no moondust.” – Robert H. (in personal correspondence)

Test Results:
Tube №2
Ia - 6,7/7,6
S - 2,1/2,15

Price: 35$.

2) RCA 6SN7GTB (1968) - tube NOS. In direct tapping for tube not the microphone.

Test Results:
Ia - 9,5/8,4
S - 2,55/2,7

Price: 20$.
Payment: Prepaid payment system "Contact" or "Western Union".
Delivery: Due to the buyer, parcel through the state-mail or courier service EMS.
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You only have one of each ref ?

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Originally Posted by G600 View Post

You only have one of each ref ?
I do not have tubes in pairs, only the one piece.
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Ok, thanks.

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