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Looking for advice - need some new cans

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Hey Head-fi! Longtime lurker here, and I've decided to post and ask for some help here, in my desire to look into a new set of headphones; here's the skinny.



I'm looking for some recommendation for a new set of over or on-ear headphones for music listening only. I mostly listen to rock, classic and modern, so I'm looking for headphones that will play well. I enjoy some bass, but since I'm not a hip-hop, techno, or dubstep guy, my definition of 'bass' may be a little more subdued than others.


I'm looking for something with a signature that will compliment rock music, but with a good clear mids/lowmids (guitars woo!) and even, not shrilly highs (high hats bad!). A good wide sound stage, and realistic sound are pluses. I wear glasses almost always, so keep that in mind when considering fit and comfort, both of which are important. I'm not biased for or against open back, I don't listen to music loudly, and being able to hear pther stuff might be nice at home; I have some IEM's I can use to drown out noise if I have to. Quality is more important here. Removable cables are a plus; LOOONG cables are not


I'm looking for something in the $100 to $300 range; I have a few options for a few brackets and would like to get opinions on each. Obviously the less I have to spend the better, but I'm willing to pay more if there is really no comparison. I'm just not currently sure they're worth the money. Also, any other options I may not be aware of, I'd be happen to be informed! I'm sure most of these are going to be the 'yep, no brainer' picks, but let me know where to go with this. Keep in mind I've never had ANY of these on my head to make a comparison.




Audio Technica AD700 - I've heard great things about the comfort and soundstage; I like velour pads. Hugest ever though; long ass cable

Audio Technica M50 - funky looking to me, but classics from what I hear

Grado SR80i -  Don't look as comfy as other options, but light. lul ugly. Only ever hear amazing things about sound. On ear (glasses friendly) but foam pads?!?




Sennheiser 558 - Again with the mile long cable.

V-Moda M80 - On ear. Hear excellent things about even response, great looks.


Take it to the limit


Sennheiser 598 - Super Plush, super sexy, sweetened 558 with a 10ft long tail.

V-Moda M100 - Origami design, colored sound but well tuned from what I hear.



Any other picks? As of this second, I'm leaning for the M80; glasses friendly, removable shorter cable are nice features, but I'd like more info on how they compare.





TL;DR - help me pick headphones

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First, just because you know I gotta say it, welcome to Head-Fi... sorry about your wallet.


Secondly, does it matter whether they are closed-back or open?  I ask because you want a good soundstage (and mentioned a Grado), but at the same time most of models you listed are closed.

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