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I guess

But for me , all lit up and up close and personal i like the look

and it is well known around these aprts what i think of wood

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Too Big ?
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what kevin said.
just one more reason for senn to make the phones to be sold separately for that very reason, i'd love to hook those baby's up to my kgss for a listen, better start saving now, screw that, the omega II's are more likely in my future, thanks grinch....
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The amp looks nice, but the headphones? Meh. For that price range, I'd go for an OmegaIII or R10.
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Originally posted by rickcr42
12K seems like a lot of loot until you think about the system

which is what the original was

Tube output DAC , triode headphone amp, electrostatic cans

Look at what Stax fans are willing to pay for the omegas without an amp , then add the cost of the amp and throw in DAC prices and really not too far from the mark

having said that now way i spend that much for anything that i can not drive
The Omegas cost even less than the R-10 alone, (and far less than the earpieces of the Orpheus) the rest of the system maybe has the bigger chunk of the price, even though, according to some comments I have heard the DAC of the Orpheus is the worst part of the system, and at the end it will not sound even similar to those Gilmore electrostatic custom amps with the Omegas, and non of those systems cost that much IIRC, the wood and metal is very nice but unfortunately does not improve the sound...that price is simply insane for a headphone system.....honestly.....
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How much do the HE90's ear pads cost?

Audio cube's $255 R10 ear pads seem pretty steep as it is.

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Also, it would not be too terribly difficult to find someone skilled in making a beautiful chassis for much less than the price of the Orpheus.

Of course it would definitely be a two step process. One person builds the internals, the other builds the exterior.

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IMO: Buy a Weebl with BlackGates throughout, Mullard NOS tubes, a tube rectified power supply, and a connector for the Senn HE90s, and pocket the remaining $5000 and laugh all the way to the bank.
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Originally posted by TimSchirmer
In my experience, flagship models arent really the best you can get for the money. By "Flagship" i mean top of the line products which have tremendous price tags and similar lower models selling for several times less. I have a theory that many of these products were made only for the reason of increasing consumer quality perception. For example, R10's made to sell CD3000's, nautilus made to sell 801's and 802's.
This is also true of Philips, whose flagship 'Bitstream' CD player, when they were first introduced, was dripping with technology, and 'features'...

In the real world, although there are people lusting after this gear, I can't see that many of us, other than the real eccentrics would ever own this, if the rumors were true, and if it did go into production...

...Then again, you can always dream
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being a cheap bas*ard I am content with my ancient Radio Shack HD-100/Stax SR-3 hooked up to my DIY Gilmore Triode

Built to look identical as in the project it is not an ugly amp by any stretch

The cans...um...well

not exactly ugly but high tech looking they are not !

maybe it IS time for an upgrade
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Far too many companies these days (not only car companies) focus on "me too" marketing. The companies are driven by marketing and not design and engineering. Say all you want about Sennheiser, I guarantee you that marketing did not push for the Orpheus or the new possible Orpheus II. They are more concerned about the possible immediate seasonal sales figures and what color it will be.
Marketing has no place in design and engineering, and I've seen it put many companies down the sh1tter.
Any company that lets Engineering decide what to build, what to charge for it, when to go to market with it, how to build it, how to package it and how to sell it, is the company that is doomed for the "sh1tter". You have to know your customer and understand them to know how to build your product. You work for *them*, the customer dictates what you build, it's not all about throwing money around to build vanity projects for your engineers that no one wants (or at a price no one can afford). I wouldn't invest a penny in an operation like that, and neither should you. If Marketing isn't involved in the conception of the Orpheus 2, Sennheiser has a lot of problems. (*If* there even is one in the works. We don't even know that except for one reported rumor, let alone what an "Orpheus 2" might actually be.)

Edwood, you are assuming there is no reason to build a flagship headphone or that Marketing would be automatically opposed to the idea, I think these are incorrect assumptions. If ever there was a time to get cracking on a new flagship, that time is now. If you've been around long enough on these boards, you've seen the exponential growth in headphone interest, meetings (proto-"conventions") and most importantly an explosion of headphone related products. For example, only 4 years ago, you could count the number of headphone amp makers on both hands, now we have a new entrant every week. What's more, the number of upscale/high end amps is growing at the same rate as the entry level stuff, further evidence we are willing to invest in qyuality. We're a rabid market, an area of audio (albeit a relatively small area of audio at the moment) that is actually growing and booming NOT declining and ossifying (and aging) like the rest. What's more, we are a new market for the most part made up of younger people just getting into audio. As you know, younger people are very attractive targets to any manufacturer, they become customers for life. If your product line is composed of turntables being sold chiefly to aging listeners, the long-term outlook for your company is cloudy at best.

OK I'm babbling. The point is, of any time to be working on upscale headphones that time is now. IMO, the headphone makers are lagging the market-- we have all these pretty amps and no headphones to plug into them.

There are a million good reasons to build upscale statement headphones right now. However, IMO, it's a mistake to price them out of the market like the original Orpheus was. I see a larger opportunity for upscale cans than simply using an Orpheus 2 as another halo product for the trade show. If you price it right (which assumes you are able to build to a certain price point which means a few compromises here and there, no two ways about it), you have a real product not a show piece, that people will actually buy. It's an actual money-making, customer-pleasing opportunity for you rather than a vanity exercise.

IMO, the headphone market has a real problem in that after you want to graduate from the HD650, your choices of where to go dwindle even more, and in most cases, you have to make a leap from a $350 product to a $3500 one. This doesn't make any sense to me. I'd love to see products at every price point (and performance point) in between an HD650 and an R10; if I was Sennheiser, *that's* where I'd be putting my R&D money right now, not on another (we presume) $12K Orpheus 2. If Senn is hell-bent on making a newer faster better more expensive Orpheus, I really do hope they use this opportunity to use it as a platform for developing a new line of lower-priced electrostatics that we can all more readily enjoy.
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IMO: Buy a Weebl with BlackGates throughout, Mullard NOS tubes, a tube rectified power supply, and a connector for the Senn HE90s, and pocket the remaining $5000 and laugh all the way to the bank.

Yep. Except that the tube rectified power supply is a whole
lot more work if you want to regulate it afterwards as should
be done.

Have a pair of he60's which are virtually identical to the
he90's. The sound on a blue hawaii is so much beter than
the hev60 amp its not even the same thing. But the same
thing goes for the koss esp950 headphones too. With
a real headphone amp, both of these phones are amazing.

The orpheus amp really is not bad except its rolled off a
bunch in the high frequencys. But the dac inside the unit
is both stupid and unusable especially with todays high
resolution formats.

OK, i have had this one for a while

This is my version 1 tube amp built by a person by the
name of Les, down under. New Zeland i think...
It represents the finest wood/chrome assembly by an
"amateur" i've ever seen. Even if i did have the time i don't
think i could make something look this good.
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If they make a second orpheus, it's going to have to outperform the HD650s, because the 650s beat the orpheus imho.


Claiming that a product is only better if it's more expensive is ludicrous. You're going to buy $50,000 speakers versus $400 headphones because they speakers are more expensive, right? That's your logic. It's bad.

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Thread Starter 
I am not meaning that,
I said the Orpheus 2 should be better then Orpheus if there is an Orpheus 2 in the world.
Sennheiser will upgrade it. And of course the price will be upgrade, too.
Sennheiser does not expect earning money on Orpheus2, they really want to earn customers by making Orpheus2, they wanna a show~
anyway, Let us wait and have look what will happen in next year or few years, perhaps that is the best way to see who's right~
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Kevin - what amp is that, electrically speaking? Your tube amp?

Originally posted by Geek
If they make a second orpheus, it's going to have to outperform the HD650s, because the 650s beat the orpheus imho.
You were not hearing the Orpheus properly. That, or you're deaf.

I have yet to hear any dynamic headphone approach either the Stax Omega 2 or Sennheiser HE90 "Orpheus" headphones. And I've heard the HD650s running off a Blockhead.

Then again, I'm using a KGSS...
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