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For Sale: Audio-GD DAC 8 / Reference 1

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For Sale:
Audio-GD DAC 8 / Reference 1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Don't be tricked by 32 bit and high kHz. People also cannot tell the difference between 16 bit or 24 bit either in blind tests, many results shown by Google search.


The DAC 8 is a different version of Reference 1(DAC 8's interior looks almost exactly the same as the slightly newer Reference 1) and Reference 1 is the previous version to Reference 7 which is practically the same as Master 7. This unit is built in 2008.


DAC 8 use the legendary PMD-100 by Pacific Microsonics (before acquisition by Microsoft) digital filter instead of Audio-GD's designed DSP(Reference 1 to Master 7). Availability of PMD-100 chips are practically non-existent and they will no longer be produced. The unit have 8 PCM-1704UK chips like newer models. It has the warmth of vinyl but clarity of digital.


This unit is in excellent condition, less than 100 hours in total, the unit gets hot because of class A output, good for winter listening. It's made out of aluminum and easily scratched, the physical craftsmanship is not nice as newest Audio-GD products, but this is unit very sturdy, cheaper and sounds amazing! I can take more pictures of different angles by request.


DAC8 + Blue Jean's RCA Interconnect, thick power cord, Canare BNC source cable = $850 + shipping or best offer.


PCB is not missing any resistors, it was designed that



3 transformer physically isolated to eliminate EMI/RF

interference. Class A circuitry gets hot, it seems to

be a true Class A by the heat dissipation. I recommend

to turn off immediately when you're not listening to

music, for reducing electricity cost.



Never mix medication and alcohol. Top right items

were placed purely for comical reasons.


Picture show scratches, not dirt. The paint is very

fragile, but the metal is very strong and heavy.

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$1200 new in 2009. PCM 1704UK and PMD-100 are highly sought after and no longer in production. To me, this unit is priceless (In a good way).



Can sell through E-Bay if you prefer.

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