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First off sorry for creating this topic, especially if it's been created in wrong section, but couldn't find any.

See I buy lots of stuff from international eBay, never been cheated or anything but I don't have any idea about audio products and it's sellers. So if someone is here, there will plenty I believe who purchases stuffs from eBay, kindly mention the names of the sellers/stores which are trusted/genuine on eBay. The shipping must be worldwide, not restricted to any particular region.

I have searched a bit, found dzone 2 digital shop, here is the link,

It seems that they are very reputed.

One thing I don't understand, about these ratings, see the above seller has Purple star but they are not given the Top Rated seller tag by eBay, yet there are some sellers who got that tag but have low stars! I don't get it!


Thanks in advance,