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I would try and find a Meitner MA-1 on the used market. It's a fantastic match with the sr-009.

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Hmmm... I see the DAC1 gets a fair bit of negative impressions... :/
I don't have a BHSE but just the SRM-323S for now, and a DAC2.
I did a shootout with quite a few DAC's til I setteled on the DAC2, however the DAC1 was not one of them...
Then again I don't claim to have particularly good hearing :P
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Nobody tried connecting sr-009 to Schiit Gungnir? 

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Originally Posted by bbbonthemoon View Post

Nobody tried connecting sr-009 to 
Schiit Gungnir? 

I did actually, but i preferred the DAC2...
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I dont know BHSE+SR-009 but I have a GES-SR-009 and a NOS AudioNote DAC is a perfect partner for them.

I am selling my NOS AudioNote DAC, but every time I'm less convinced to sell it really. Im trying the LinnMajik internal dac to connect the GES but the AN is totally superior..
I think a component that provides naturalness to the sound must go well to something like the SR-009

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Lavry DA11 seemed a good match not as revealing as the Mytek but it was also not as clinical.


So I vote for a used Lavry DA924 Gold :)

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This is and should continue to be a good thread. I already have the 009s and my BHSE should be coming in sometime soon. I too am looking around to upgrade my DAC. I have the NuForce DAC-100, which I think sounds pretty good, but I'd like to buy a better one sometime this year.
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Oi! I just found this thread and saw Arnaud & Currawong dissing my Benchmark!! Yes it was my DAC1 Pre & SRM-727a with the 009 at a local Tokyo meet :-).

I have to agree with them though as I ran that setup for about 6 months before switching out the DAC1 Pre. At least for my ears, it wasn't so much of the brightness or grittiness that was the issue, but more the lack of depth imaging. I eventually switched out to the HP-A8 which had an improved depth imaging but felt to be a mellower (& slower) DAC. So recently I switched out again, to the Invicta v1 & am happy with this setup. Although I've not tried many other DACs either the Incivta or Eximus DP1 was satisfactory for me.
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You can't imagine how many bad things we say about you and your gear when you're not present smily_headphones1.gif. Usually, I use the word "a friend of mine", and oh boy do I say nasty things after that wink.gif.

Glad you're liking your invicta, keep us posted in you eternal quest toward the best dsd capable dac wink.gif.
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The TPA Buffalo 32 has been my DAC for years. I've never felt it holding back the system through all my upgrades. There's been several upgrades since the Buffalo 32, I'm in the process of updating to the latest Buffalo IIISE, which is intended mainly for stereo and dual mono configurations.
If you can find a good builder I heartily recommend investigating, as DIY project it's fairly straight forward as well.
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Since using my K-01's DAC, I'm not just very happy with how my 009 / BHSE sound, but also my HD-600 / GS-Xmk2.

However, I haven't heard any other DAC's, so I've obviously not compared the K-01's to anything else.

I've read the CH Precision C1 is supposed to be a very good DAC, although it's very expensive. 

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Get an ODAC. They're not expensive and sound better than that way overpriced stuff. biggrin.gif


EDIT:  Scooz me, forgot this is the TOTL thread. Spend on!

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The ODAC is actually pretty good.
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So I decided to go with an Invicta Mirus.  Now just waiting for the other 2 pieces to arrive :D

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April Music DP-1 is a very musical DAC and work great with BHSE amp.

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