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This is a quick review of the Teclast X30SE that I got a few weeks ago. It was around $20 that was bought by a friend in China.

Build Quality: Feels solid with no gaps or creaks but the edges are so sharp that I had take a nail file and make it smooth. The mould designer needs to be smacked for his oversight.

Sound Quality: I don't have any high end audio players. When compared with an old Samsung Yepp player and my Nokia phones, the SQ feels clean and better. The mids are more clear so I can understand the vocals in songs which appeared muddy in other players. The power output is also very loud than other MP3 players. Looks like it is greater than 5mW/channel. No official details are available. The supplied earphones are decent enough that I didn't throw them away.

FM: I think the sensitivity is very high that it picks up non-existent stations and adds them to the list. Though FM SNR is also better than my MP3/Android phones. The FM SNR in my Nokia 5800 is probably higher by a few dB.

Firmware: This is a complete let down. Plays only some MP3/WMA files. Ogg support is missing even though the website lists it. Plays FLAC without any problems and I haven't tried APE files.

UI: Another let down. It is slow, unpolished and counter-intuitive. Play button doesn't play? You have to press the right button to play a file. No quick way to go to the currently playing track. Scrolling speed is so slow. I can go on and on.

In a nutshell, I can't recommend this product to anyone with the current firmware. Unfortunately, I don't expect a firmware update any time soon since even the old X30 didn't get many updates.

I should have paid $10 more and got the Sansa Clip Zip.

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